Avanelle V Jack, MD

Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine

Clinical Location:

LSU Special Hypertension clinic
LSU Renal clinic
2000 Canal Street
Room 330A
New Orleans, LA 70112
Phone: 504-702-5700
Fax: 504-568-2127


Academic Location:

Section of Nephrology
1542 Tulane Avenue
Room 330A
New Orleans, LA 70112
Phone: (504) 568-4622
FAX: (504) 568-2127


MD – 1995
Louisiana State University School of Medicine
New Orleans, LA


Dr. Jack is the program director for the fellowship program. Her major clinical interest is metabolic bone disease as it relates to African Americans and nephrolithasis. She devolved a CKD educational program to educate the community about CKD. Dr. Jack has extensive clinical experience in metabolic bone diseases, nephrolathasis and pregnancy related kidney disease.

American Board of Internal Medicine:  Internal Medicine
American Board of Internal Medicine: Nephrology

Research Interests

Anemia, Metabolic Bone disease, and Nephrolathasis

Selected Publications

Reisin, E and Jack, A: Obesity and Hypertension: Mechanisms, Cardio-Renal Consequences and Therapeutic Approaches. Medical Clinics of North American In Press

Touurgeman K, Gabbard W, Gupta S, Lee H, Husserl FE, Reisin E, Cohen A, Jack A, Lindberg B, Lindberg JS, LaFleur A: A 24-hour urine sulfate levels correlate with increased urinary uric acid increased urinary calcium and decreased urinary pH in 24-hour urine in a southeastern patient population with nephrolithiasis. JASN 14:701A, 2003.

Lindberg J, Gabbard W, Tourgeman K, Prats L, Hamm L, Husserl FE, Cohen A, Jack A, Thakur V, Cox S: Stable renal function observed in patients one year Pre- and Post-Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithrotripsy. S J Am Soc Neph 14(Suppl S):897A, 2003 JASN, November, 2003.