LSU Health Sciences Center HIV Malignancy Program


About Us

The LSU Health Sciences Center HIV Malignancy Program provides state-of-the-art medical care and conducts clinical trials for people living with HIV/AIDS and cancer. Our physicians are leaders in the field of HIV Medicine, Infectious Diseases, Oncology and other areas relevant to the health of our patients. The LSUHSC HIV Malignancy research team is committed to conducting a broad program of ethical and high quality clinical, behavioral, and prevention research to promote the health of people living with or at risk of acquiring HIV and cancer.


The mission of the LSUHSC HIV Malignancy Program is four-fold:

  • CARE: provide exceptional and evidence based care to patients with HIV and cancer.

  • RESEARCH: facilitate a broad program of clinical, behavioral and prevention research in HIV; and develop and clinically evaluate new treatment and novel therapeutic approaches for patients with HIV and cancer. The spectrum of outcomes we examine includes ranges from response to quality of life.
  • EDUCATION: educate HIV positive patients, people and providers of the risk of cancer development in HIV-infection throughout New Orleans and Southern Louisiana.
  • OUTREACH: engage with community leaders and partner organizations in the greater discourse about HIV and HIV-related diseases and co-infections.


1. Maintain a multidisciplinary outpatient clinic dedicated to providing evidence based care to patients with HIV and cancer

2. Establish and promote a clinical research center that conducts clinical investigations and clinical trials in all areas of HIV and cancer.

3. Provide education and training activities in HIV treatment providers, patients, AIDS research organization and the general community about cancer in HIV patients, its treatment, and research.