Nephrology and Hypertension

The Section of Nephrology and Hypertension’s Office of Clinical Research has a history of excellence in kidney disease clinical and translational research. The Section participates in various investigator-initiated and industry-sponsored clinical trials involving both current standards of care as well as new and novel therapies for kidney disease. The Section is actively involved in Phases I-IV of FDA-regulated trials in the areas of hypertension, diabetic nephropathy, dialysis access, bone and mineral metabolism, and anemia in patients with kidney disease as well as patients on hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis. Furthermore, the Section has access and capabilities to conduct basic science research projects with a focus on functional and structural kidney damage caused by metabolic syndrome, obesity, diabetes and hypertension.


In addition to routine medical care, the Section offers patients access to novel treatments that are unavailable except in clinical trials. Moreover, nephrology fellows, medical students, and internal-medicine residents have the opportunity to participate actively as investigators in relevant current clinical trials to provide input on designing, implementing, and publishing the results of investigator-initiated studies.


The Section of Nephrology and Hypertension offers a research lecture series for nephrology fellows, internal medicine residents, and medical students. This activity invites researchers from the clinical and basic-sciences departments of the LSU Schools of Medicine and Public Health as well as occasional external researchers to present their research results in order to expose the audience to the latest research outcomes. The overall goal of our research program is to inspire young investigators to apply current research ideas and techniques in answering questions related to the causes, meaning, and consequences of kidney disease and to develop new ways of treating these conditions.


Currently, active trials are ongoing in the areas of diabetic nephropathy and anemia.  Investigator-initiated studies covering early detection of acute kidney injury by using pre-injury biomarkers are also in progress, as well as projects involving special vulnerable populations receiving dialysis.


For more information, call 504-568-2553 or 504-468-7194 we are available 24 hours a day.


Nephrology Research Team

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