The Call Schedule

Touro Infirmary and Ochsner Kenner Hospitals

  • 2 teams 
    • Teams consist of 2 residents and 2 interns per staff
    • Each team is subdived into 2 teams (1 resident and 1 intern)
    • Each site has open ICU's
  • Call is traditional every 4th night
    • On call resident takes 24 plus 4 hour call
    • Intern takes call until 9pm (16 hour shift) and returns the next morning
    • Night float intern comes at 9pm to assist the on call resident

University Medical Center

  • 4 call teams and 1 step down/ consult service
    • Each call team consists of 1 resident and 2 interns per staff
      • Call is traditional every 4th night
      • On call resident takes call until 7pm and returns next morning
      • Interns break into a day intern taking call until 9pm and night intern taking evening call at 9pm
      • Additional night float intern comes in a 9pm to take all the floor calls for the services
    • Step down/Consult service consists of 1 resident and 2 interns
      • They do not take call
      • Service will take step downs from our closed medical ICU daily as well as general medical consults from non-medicine services
      • Resident and interns will take step downs until 3pm at which time either the on call team or the private hospital group will take the additional step downs
  • 1 Emeritus Service
    • Staffed by private LSU Hospitalist without resident involvement
    • Accepts up to 3 patients at one time from the above UMC teams that are stable for discharge but unable to for further treatment needs (ie. Waiting for placement, needing further inpatient treatment for antibiotics but unable to be placed)
    • Residents will not cross cover these patients further once transferred
    • Allows continued turnover of patients once work up and plan are completed
  • 1-2 MICU teams
    • Closed medical ICU unit 
    • We cover 2 teams for 6 months of the year
    • Each team consists of 1 resident with 1-2 interns per staff
    • Teams take call every third night with a night team covering after 9pm
    • Once patients stablize they will step down to floor teams for completion of inpatient therapies

Our program provides experience in the traditional overnight-call system as well as the night float system. This allows residents to adapt their behaviors to fit each system, ensuring that residents will feel comfortable with whatever type of call used by the practice they enter into after graduation.