Residency Tracks

We strive to create a learning environment that meets the needs of our resident's career goals while meeting the requirements of the ACGME. We created tracks for the three most common fields of medicine our residents pursue Primary Care, Hospital Medicine, and Fellowships.


Primary Care Track

The goal of the primary care track is to get the resident-focused on the skills required to be a successful outpatient clinician. The added training includes two ambulatory months yearly with the focus on areas of interest needed to be an advanced clinician but also areas that are of interest to you as a resident. Additional skills such as point of care ultrasound will be available for your education. Your expert primary care mentors will help guide you in your career path during your three years with regular didactic sessions on a monthly basis. You will get a separate certificate at your graduation acknowledging your participation and completion of the primary care track.


Hospitalist Medicine Track

The hospitalist track consists of a curriculum that focuses on skills needed for those residents interested in a career in hospital medicine. There is additional training in inpatient medicine with individualized mentoring by senior hospitalists, with a focus on those subspecialties that are deemed to be most utilized by a hospitalist. The track also includes a specialized month focusing on procedures and palliative care medicine. It will not require any additional months of training but is rather a revamping of your existing schedule. Those residents that participate in the hospitalist track will get a separate certificate at graduation acknowledging their participation and successful completion of the hospitalist track.


Fellowship "Track"

The fellowship track isn't a true track but instead, our programs attempt to help you pursue your goals of the fellowship you desire. Each year we send out requests for the upcoming year. We will help you get as much exposure to these fellowships in order to gain invaluable experience not only in the field but exposure to the fellows and staff. This exposure will allow you to gain insight into pursuing fellowship, ability to participate in research and case write-ups as well as important letters of recommendation from the subspecialty staff. In addition to these rotations, when in your ambulatory week we will place you in your preferred subspecialty afternoon clinics for additional interactions with the fellows and staff. We remind you that in order to complete residency you will have to meet your ACGME requirements for rotations but we will help you pursue your fellowship goals.