Office of Medical Education

Undergraduate Medical Education

Curriculum/Course Evaluation Commmittee

This committee monitors the courses in all four years of the medical curriculum. The committee works closely with the Curriculum Steering and Renewal Committees and with the Aesculapian Society, which presents summaries of all of its reports to the committee. The committee may also conduct its own surveys of courses, as well as surveying the student body for other information about the curriculum, support services, and related topics.

Members 2016-17

Michael Levitzky, PhD* (Chair)

Erich Conrad, MD (Co Chair)

Lolie Yu, MD

Peter Winsauer, PhD*

Christy Mumphrey, MD

Neeraj Jain, MD

Daniel Englet, MD

Mandy O'Leary, PhD

Mitzi Glover, MD

Ted Weyand, PhD

H. Tony Fuslier, MD

Alan Marr, PhD

Jason Mussell, PhD*

Sohit Kanotra, MD

Guido DeJesus, MD

Greg Casey, PhD

Donna Neumann, PhD*

Lainie Moncada, MD

Mark Townsend, MD

Pinki Prasad, MD

Shane Guillory, MD

Hamilton Farris, PhD

*Faculty Assembly Designee

Student Members 2016-17

Esatelle Oertling, L4

Traci Bourgeois, L3

Allison Falcon, L2

Elizabeth Cooper, L2