Office of Medical Education

Undergraduate Medical Education

Student Policies

Professionalism in PreClerkship Courses

Professional Guidelines
Physicianship Enhancement Form Process - Preclerkship
Physicianship Enhancement Form - Preclerkship

Professionalism in Clerkships and Clinical Rotations

Physicianship Enhancement Form Process - Clerkship/Clinical
Physicianship Enhancement Form - Clerkship/Clinical

Hospital Appearance/Dress Code 

Students are expected to maintain a professional appearance in patient care areas.  University Medical Center has adopted UMC Appearance Policy for employees and staff.  Students are also expected to comply.  Expectations will be similar at other hospitals, so you should use these as guidelines for your appearance on all clinical rotations. Students should also read these guidelines about attire in the operating room and preoperative/postoperative areas.

Student Affairs Page on Professional Conduct and Mistreatment Policies

Expectations for Attendance in Preclerkship Courses

Policy on Attendance in Preclerkship Courses
Policy on Preclerkship work hours 

Expectations for Attendance in Clerkships and Clinical Rotations

Policy on  Clinical Absences
Policy on Student Clinical Work Hours
Policy on Student Responsibility in Emergencies

Promotion and Grading in Clerkships and Clinical Rotations

Clerkship Grading Policy
Student Affairs Page on Regulations/Promotion

Other Policies related to Undergratuate Medical Education and Curriculum

Student Supervision Policy
LSUHSC- School of Medicine Guidelines for the use of Lecture Capture Technology
Needle Stick Injury
Mid-Clerkship and formative feedback
Narrative feedback
Timeliness of grades