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Physicianship & Medical Professionalism

The following are LSUHSC Institutional Program Objectives related to the competency domain of professional behavior:

  • Students maintain integrity and personal responsibility:
    • Be honest and trustworthy when writing reports and completing or signing forms or other documents.
    • Treat patients even though their medical conditions may put you at risk, and take appropriate steps to minimize risk or seek treatment in the event that patient poses a risk to your safety.
    • Act with honesty and integrity to ensure that your conduct justifies the trust the patients place in you and the profession.
    • Refrain from improper relationships with patients.
    • Refrain from expressing personal beliefs in ways that are likely to exploit patients’ vulnerability.
    • Adhere to the codes, laws, and regulations of practice relevant to their work. 
  • Students demonstrate an understanding of their responsibilities to others (patients, colleagues, the profession, and society):
    • Respect the patient’s right to seek another opinion.
    • Understand and support your patient’s emotional state.
    • Treat colleagues fairly and with respect.
    • Do not provide medical services if your performance is affected by alcohol or other substances.
    • Act in your patient’s best interest when making referrals and providing care.
    • Maintain honesty when assessing the performance of colleagues.
    • Take appropriate steps without delay if concerns arise that a colleague displays unprofessional behavior.
    • Do your best to ensure fair access to healthcare services for all patients.
    • Provide medical care in the best interest of the patient that is not compromised by collaboration with industry or any outside influence.
    • When engaged in research, comply with established standards and protect the interests of research subjects as a first priority.
  • Students understand their own limits and ensure their own competence:
    • Take personal responsibility for maintaining up-to-date knowledge of basic science and clinical medicine.
    • Be aware of the boundaries of your knowledge and skills.
    • Always state your qualifications, skills, and experience truthfully.

Physicianship Enhancement Form Process - Preclerkship
Physicianship Enhancement Form - Preclerkship

Physicianship Enhancement Form Process - Clerkship/Clinical
Physicianship Enhancement Form - Clerkship/Clinical