Jean  T.  Jacob , Ph.D.


Emeritus Professor of Ophthalmology and Neuroscience

LSU Eye Center
533 Bolivar Street/CSRB 459
New Orleans, LA 70112
Email: jjacob@lsuhsc.edu


ELAM, Executive Leadership in Academic Medicine Program  

Ph.D., Biomedical Polymer Science   Tulane University,  (Interdisciplinary degree) 

B.S., Biochemistry  University of California at Riverside           

Clinical Interests

Biocompatibility of Contact Lenses
Dry Eye Tear Film Characteristics
Drug Delivery Devices


Research Interests

Biocompatibility of synthetic and bio-polymers in the ocular environment. This involves analyzing the polymer surface and the adjacent tissue on a submicroscopic level for chemical changes in the polymer, deposition of protein and cofactors onto the polymer, chemical changes in the extracellular matrix adjacent to the polymer surface, and quantitative differences in the composition in the adjacent tissue (for example, number of macrophages, types of collagen present).

Dr. Jacob’s investigation into the biocompatibility response around ocular implants has led to improvements in several basic implant designs (artificial cornea, total ocular replacement devices, reinforcement membranes, and glaucoma drains). It has also led to the identification of ways to alter the conformation of the implant surface in order to increase cellular infiltration and, thereby, improve implant stabilization in the biological milieu.

Current research projects include dry eye modeling and analysis of tear components (proteins and lipids) using nano-scale HPLC and capillary electrophoresis-mass spectrometry, contact lens materials/wear analysis and testing, development and testing of biodegradable nerve guides for the enhanced regeneration of nerves after injury, and nanofilms development and the ability of specific surface-tethered proteins and amino-acid-sequence-containing peptides to promote epithelial spreading and adhesion to biomaterials.

Dr. Jacob has a national reputation in ophthalmic materials testing (mechanical, bulk material chemistry, biological, and surface chemistry) for industrial groups. In addition to contract materials testing, Dr. Jacob has developed new concepts (drug delivery), accompanying material requirements, and surgical models for specific ophthalmic devices (artificial corneas, synthetic corneal onlays, and accommodating intraocular lenses) on a contract basis for industry.

Teaching Activities

Dr. Jacob has directed the biomaterials research activities of over 76 resident, medical, graduate, and undergraduate students in all areas of ophthalmic devices and drug delivery systems.

Selected Publications

Jacob JT, Levet Jr J, Edwards TA, Dassanayake N, Ketelson H: Visualization hydrophobic domains in silicone hydrogel lenses with Sudan IV. Invest Ophth Vis Sci, 2012; 53:3473-3480.

Jacob JT, Ham BM: Compositional profiling and biomarker identification of the tear film. Ocular Surface, 2008; 6:175-185.

Booth BA, Vidal Denham L, Bouhanik S, Jacob JT, Hill JM, Sustained-release ophthalmic drug delivery systems for treatment of macular disorders: present and future applications. Drugs Aging. 2007;24:581-602.

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Ham BM, Jacob JT, Keese MM, Cole RB: Identification, quantification and comparison of major non-polar lipids in normal and dry eye tear lipidomes by electrospray tandem mass spectrometry. J Mass Spectrometry, 39(11):1321-1336, 2004.  PM:15532045

Bi J, Downs C, Jacob JT: Tethered protein/peptide-surface-modified hydrogels. J Biomater Sci Polymer Edn 15(7):905-916, 2004. PM:15318800

Additional Info


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