LSU Medical Students:

Through lectures, demonstrations, discussions, research and clinical practice, students from the LSUHSC School of Medicine in New Orleans and from other medical schools around the globe have numerous opportunities to gain knowledge and experience in the field of ophthalmology.


Second, Third and Fourth Year Student Ophthalmology Electives and Clerkships 

The Department of Ophthalmology accepts a limited number of medical school students per LSUHSC School of Medicine calendar block. Priority is given to LSU students. Students from other medical schools will be accommodated if space permits after all interested LSU students have been scheduled.

Second Year Elective:
Second year students during the second semester have the opportunity to shadow in clinic and surgery. The shadowing experiences are a minimum of five half-days during the semester, but students may go more often if convenient for them and their preceptor. At the end of the semester, students must reflect on their experience with a short written essay. This selective is an opportunity to explore ophthalmology, gain some additional clinical experience, and further personal and career development.

Third Year Clinical Career Planning Elective (CPE):
This two-week clerkship provides third year students with the opportunity to rotate on a specialty or subspecialty in which they are potentially interested for residency. Ophthalmology is available as an elective. The primary goal of this elective is to gain exposure and understanding of basic skills and principles underlying assessment and management of common diseases in ophthalmology. Students will perform clinical duties under supervision, become trained in slit lamp examination, shadow in surgery and attend required didactic sessions. This elective is strongly recommended for students interested in applying for the SF Match (early match) for ophthalmology residency.

Fourth Year Ophthalmology Clerkship:
This four-week in-depth course is designed for aspiring ophthalmologists. Students will directly work-up and present patients in clinic, participate in inpatient consults, observe (and possibly assist) in surgery and attend didactic sessions. Students will be trained on the use of the slit lamp, direct and indirect ophthalmoscopy, and specialized ophthalmic equipment. They will also be expected to learn fundamental ophthalmic terms and concepts in addition to gaining familiarity with commonly encountered ophthalmic conditions. This elective is required for LSU medical students applying for the SF Match (an early match) for ophthalmology residency.  Blocks 1-3 are strictly reserved for students interested in a career in ophthalmology to qualify for the match.


Visiting Medical Students:

Fourth-year medical students from other LCME-accredited colleges and universities may be eligible to participate in one four-week rotation.  Visiting students rotate with residents through the LSU ophthalmology services in the region.  Visiting students will receive credit from their school and evaluations are based on the crediting school's standards.

Applications must be received by Student Affairs at least 45 days in advance of requested start date and will be scheduled if space permits after LSU student schedules are finalized.  LSU does not accept students from non-LCME-accredited schools. Students interested in applying will need to visit to complete their application.

For more information, please contact the department coordinator, Joshua Butrick at or the Office of Student Affairs or call (504) 568-4874.