Applause and Accolades

   • Hina Khokhar: Selected to serve as GMEC representative for 2020-2021 academic year.

   • Katherine Wang: Served as GMEC representative for 2019-2021 academic year.

   • Bing Han and Jack Harbert: Featured in the May 2020 issue of CAP Today for their work on COVID 19 autopsies.

    • Walter Beversdorf: Accepted his sequential fellowships in Hematopathology at University of Texas, San Antonio, 2021; and Surgical Pathology at Medical  University of South Carolina, 2022.

    • Gloria Sura: Accepted as junior member on the CAP Council of Accreditation

    • Katherine Wang: Accepted her sequential fellowship in Cytology and GI Pathology at Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston 2021

    • Gloria Sura is going to Methodist Hospital, Houston, associated with Weill Cornell, for cytopathology fellowship;2021

    • Bing Han is going to Moffitt Cancer Center, associated with University of South Florida, Tampa, for Breast Pathology fellowship, for the year 2021

    •Congratulations are in order to Katherine Wang and Gloria Sura, winners of GRIPE 2019 Photo Contest

       • Jhanvi Kanotra accepted the Cytology fellowship position for July 2020 at Tulane University, 11/18

 • Nicole Jackson and Bing Han: chosen as PEC resident representatives

 • Gloria Sura: Resident CAP delegate, July 2018

 •Bing Han: Nominated as best intern of the year, June 2018

 • Stephanie Moss; Nominated as Best resident of the year, June 2018

 • Gloria Sura: resident liaison for Students interested in Pathology

 • Louise Helander: resident representative for GME

 • Gloria Sura's abstract: Hyphae in Invasive Coccidioidomycosis: to be presented in CAP meeting, October 2018.

•  Julie Li, accepted, her second fellowship - Molecular pathology, at Mayo Clinic, MN.

•  Louise Helander accepted Blood banking/Transfusion medicine fellowship (2019-2020) at university of Colorado, Denver, CO

 • Anthony Vinson accepted Forensic Pathology fellowship (2019-2020) at the Miami-Dade County Medical Examiner's Office, Miami FL

•  Nicole Jackcon, has been accepted for oral presentation at the National Association of Medical Examiners 2017 Annual Meeting, October 13-17, 2017    Scottsdale, AZ.

•  Nicole Jackson accepted her Forensic fellowship (2019-2020) at University of New Mexico.

•  Louise Helander has been chosen as the new resident representative for PEC, 2017-2018

Julie Li received the Resident's award at the Tristate Pathology conference 4/30/17, for oral presentation on ‘Myoepithelial carcinoma of Soft Tissue’.

Nicole Jackson was Selected in the Society of ’67 Scholars. Received Travel Award to attend the APC (Association of Pathology chairs) 2017 Annual     Meeting in July (2017), at Washington DC, where she will be recognized as one of the members of the society of 67 scholars.

Stephanie Moss accepted her HemePath fellowship position for July 2018 at Tulane University, 9/16
Stephanie Moss selected to serve the Dean of the SOM on the LCME Self Study committee, 8/16
Ellen Connor and Louise Helander participated in the Women in Medicine Celebration of Women Leaders, 8/16
Louise Helander is selected as the new SIPS Resident Liaison, 7/16
Stephanie Moss selected to the PEC Committee, 6/16
Nicole Jackson voted to be the EQuIP Resident Representative, 6/16
Reggie Thomasson accepted his Blood Banking fellowship position for July 2017 at Dartmouth Hitchcock, 5/16
Harry Porterfield selected to participate in the Mentoring Session at the Executive War College meeting, 5/16
Ellen Connor accepted her Forensics fellowship position for July 2017 at Tampa, 4/16
Ellen Connor taught the Dental School on Lymph Node and Spleen Pathology, 4/16
Nicole Jackson taught the senior medical students in Surgical Anatomy, 4/16
Ellen Connor, Stephanie Moss and Meaghen Ashby selected to participate in the ACGME CLER visit, 2/16
Supriya Donthamsetty received IRB approval for her EM study with Dr. Craver, 2/16
•Joel France accepted his HemePath fellowship position for July 2017 at Dartmouth Hitchcock, 2/16
Meaghen Ashby participated in the UMC JC Inspection, 12/15
Supriya Donthamsetty accepted her SurgPath fellowship position for July 2016 at USC-Los Angeles, 12/15
Ellen Connor voted the 2016 Chief Resident, 11/15
Harry Porterfield accepted his Microbiology fellowship position for July 2017 at University of Iowa, 10/15
Stephanie Moss selected to serve on GMEC Committee, 8/15
Christin Tsao accepted her Hemepath fellowship position for July 2016 at University of Indiana, 1/15
Theresa Nuttli accepted her Cytopath fellowship position for July 2015 at University of Mississippi, 1/15
•Tong accepted his second Emory Fellowship in Molecular Path for July 2016, 1/15