The Holman Award is the Pathology Award given to the graduating senior who has selected pathology for a career with the highest grades in the anatomic and clin path courses or other special contributions to pathology during medical school. The Holman Award is given each year at pre-commencement.

Russell L. Holman Memorial Award recipients:

1967- William P. Newman, III

1984 Gault Townsend and Patti Richardson

1989 Michael T. Deavers

No record of recipients from 1990 – 1994

1995 Michael D. Brown

1996 Gregory N. Sossaman

1997 Kara Beth Marcantel

1998 Samatha A. Huber

1999 Reade Alan Quinton

2000 Dana Troxclair

2001 Elizabeth P. Berry

2002 Nancy J. Kang

2003 Katie Culotta

2004 Claudia Susan Cohn

2005 Armanda D. Tatsas

2006 Mandy F. O’Leary

2007 Kirk W. Bourgeois

2008 Amy Leigh Collinsworth

2009 Joseph P. Bergeron

2010 Kelley W. Sherling

2011 Caroline Raasch Alquist

2012 Ariana Beck

2013 Ellen E. Connor

2014 Stephanie C. Moss

2015 Rebecca Pistorius

2016 Adam Perricone

2017 Estelle Oertling

2018 Mary Green

2019 Catherine Tucker