Medical Student Education

Third Year Medical Students

The Radiology Department offers Third Year Medical Students a Career Planning Elective. For detail about the course please click here.


Fourth Year Medical Students

The Radiology Department offers Fourth Year Medical Students two electives for LSU Students as well as visiting students. We offer an elective in General Diagnostic Radiology and an elective in Interventional Radiology. For a description of the courses, please click here.


Visiting Students

If you are a fourth year medical student and you are interested in taking one of our Radiology electives, please apply on VSAS site. We will only accept applications from VSAS from students that meet LSU requirements. Please click here and you will see the LSU requirements needed in order to be enrolled in a visiting course here.


If you have been scheduled for a course with our department and need additional information please feel free to contact Heather Clary at .