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Lung Cancer Study Pamphlet

Lung Cancer Study Newsletters:                                                                                                                                                                                                                          2012


Funds to support this project have been obtained from:

National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI)

National Institutes of Health (NIH)


The Lung Cancer Study is part of the Genetic Epidemiology of Lung Cancer Consortium (GELCC):

  • Dartmouth-Hitchcock Norris
  • Karmanos Cancer Center
  • Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center—New Orleans
  • Mayo Clinic and Foundation
  • Medical College of Wisconsin
  • National Human Genome Research Institute
  • University of Cincinnati
  • University of Toledo Medical Center
Hospital Collaborators

Our Study's Local Network of Hospital Collaborators:




What is the Lung Cancer Study?

  • The Lung Cancer Study aims to find the gene(s) that may cause lung cancer.
  • The study will help scientists understand how the gene(s) work with environmental factors (such as smoking) in causing lung cancer.

What information does the Lung Cancer Study collect from participating individuals?

  • Demographic, medical, and smoking history information by mail and/or phone.
  • A one time only blood sample and/or saliva sample at your convenience.
  • Pathology reports and medical records if diagnosed with lung cancer.

Is the information collected for this study protected?

  • Yes, we are fully HIPAA compliant.  All of the information is collected, coded, and stored in a confidential manner. 
  • No identifiable information is shared with anyone outside the study.

Who can participate in this study?

  • Anyone diagnosed with lung cancer is encouraged to contact us about the study.
  • Also, any current or former smoker over 60 years of age without a history of lung cancer in the family can participate as a "control."
  • Family members may have the opportunity to participate.
  • You can participate no matter where you live.  Participants do not need to come to LSU Health Sciences Center for enrollment.

Is there any cost to participate?

  • No, there is no cost to participate in the study. 
  • All materials will be provided to you free of charge.

Why should people participate?

  • Some people may carry a gene(s) that increases their risk of developing lung cancer when exposed to certain environmental agents.
  • The study investigators are identifying and learning about people susceptible to lung cancer in order to find information that can lead to cancer prevention in the future.

How will participating help in the fight against lung cancer?

  • Participants will not benefit directly from this study, but they will help researchers understand more about the genetic causes of lung cancer.
  • Individuals taking part in this study today will help future generations.
  • Lung cancer is the third most common form of cancer diagnosed in the United States.  In the long run, participation may contribute to the development of better lung cancer diagnoses, treatments, and preventions.