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  Contact Us:

  Department of Surgery
  LSUHSC School of Medicine
  1542 Tulane Ave, 7th Floor
  New Orleans, LA 70112

  Tel: (504) 568-4750
  Fax: (504) 568-4633




Please join us in welcoming the following faculty to the Department of Surgery:

August, 2016

Assistant Professor of Clinical Surgery, Craniofacial Surgery, Section of Plastic Surgery
Assistant Professor of Clinical Surgery, Section of Vascular Surgery

July, 2016

Assistant Professor of Clinical Surgery, Section of General Surgery
Clinical Associate Professor, Section of Colon and Rectal Surgery

December, 2015

Instructor - Research

2016 3:44:49 PM

November, 2015

Assistant Professor of Clinical Surgery, Section of Pediatric Surgery
2016 3:42:46 PM

October, 2015

Adam Riker, MD, FACS Professor of Surgery, Section Chief for Surgical Oncology

2015 11:06:40 AM


2015 8:30:09 AM

Faculty Members


Gratis Appointments


Adhvaryu, Dhaval, MD
Ahmad, Rasheed, MD
Al-Dahir, Sara, PharmD, BCPS
Allen, Robert, MD
Barfield, Louis, MD
Beck, David, MD
Berry, Buford, MD
Black, Elliott, MD
Boedefeld, William, MD
Bolton, John, MD
Boraski, Jonathan, MD
Bostick, Peter, MD
Boudreaux, Benjamin, MD
Breaux, Edgar, MD
Brevard, Sidney, MD
Bringaze, Walter, MD
Buell, Joseph, MD
Byrd, Richard, MD
Campeau, Lisa, MD
Cayton, Stewart, MD
Champagne, Kenneth, MD
Chiasson, Edward, MD
Chiu, Ernest, MD
Clasen, Charles, MD
Conners, Michael, MD
Contreary, Kelvin, MD
Corne, Jr., Louis, MD
Countryman, David, MD
Craighead, Claude, MD
Craven, James, MD
Cueto, Jorge, MD
Cummiskey, Robert, MD
Cuntz, Cecilia, MD
Dauterive, Edward, MD 
Davis, Jr., P. Michael, MD
Dean, John, MD
Deboisblanc, Rene, MD
Dellacroce, Frank, MD
Depp, David, MD
Desselle, Wesley, MD
Dieffenbach, Kenneth, MD
DiVincenti, Frank, MD
Doucet, Lucius, MD
Dreschnack, Paul, MD
Duchesne, Juan, MD
Duke, Marquinn, MD
Fahr, Michael, MD
Field, Richard, MD
Finan, Kelly, MD
Fingerhut, Abe, MD
Ford, Edward, MD
Foti, C., MD
Frusha, John, MD
Garcelon, James, MD
George, Eric, MD
Glass, Cynthia, MD
Gordon, Stephen, MD
Griffin, Joseph, MD
Gruenwald, Charles, MD
Guidry, London, MD
Gruner, Jeffrey, MD
Gwin, Taylor, MD
Hanemann, Michael, MD
Hankins, Adam, MD
Hansbrough, Faith, MD
Hargroder, Andrew, MD
Harrison, Lynn, MD
Hastings, Paul, MD
Hausmann, Mark, MD
Heck, Jr., Herman MD, FACS
Helm, Edward G., MD, FACS            
Hicks, Terry, MD
Hill Jr., Charles B. MD
Hirsch, Alec, MD
Hogan, M'liss, MD
Ingram, James, MD
Jacome, Tomas, MD

Jhunjhunwala, Jay, MD
Kaplan, Jonathan, MD
Karlin, Richard, MD
Khan, Azeem, MD
Khoobehi, Kamran, MD
Killackey, Mary, MD
Kline, Albert, MD
Kober, Ronald, MD
Kukuy, Eugene, MD
Laborde, Kenneth, MD
Lagraize, Christopher, MD
LeBlanc, Karl, MD
Leonovicz, Douglas, MD
Lindsey, John, MD
Littleton, Jeffery, MD
Loe, William, MD
Lopoo, John, MD
Lyons, John M, MD
Mann, Jr., Willard K, DDS, MD
Margolin, David, MD
Martinez, Benjamin, MD
Massiha, Hamid, MD
McCalla, Thomas, MD
McCanless, Christopher, MD
McGee, Jennifer, MD
McGuiness, Clifton, MD
McKinnon, William, MD
McNeil, James, MD
Meade, Peter, MD
Mederos, Eileen, MD
Miller, Weston, MD
Mizgala, Cynthia, MD
Moore, Rachel, MD
Moses, Michael, MD
Moustoukas, Nick, MD
Myers, Melvil, MD
Neumaster, Terry, MD
Newton, Baron, MD
Norwood, Scott, MD
O'Leary, James, MD
Pappas, Michael, MD
Paramesh, Anil, MD
Pejic, Rade, MD
Perkowski, Paul, MD
Rau, Jeffrey Frederick, MD
Rhynes, Vernon, MD
Rigby, Carl, MD
Robichaux, Wayne, MD
Rodriguez, Jaime, MD
Sabbaghian, Bahman, MD
Sam, Albert, MD
Sanchez, Erick, MD
Sayegh, Salem, MD
Schmidt, Frank, MD
Schellack, Jon V., MD
Schroll, Rebecca, MD
Schwartzberg, Glen, MD
Seale, Arnold, MD
Sheely, Carlton, MD
Slakey, Douglas, MD
Stephens, James, MD
Suleman, Mohammed, MD
Theunissen, Taylor, MD
Thomas, Charles, MD
Thomas, Mack, MD
Thomas, Michael, MD
Thurston, Robert, MD
Uddo, Joseph, MD
Upp, J., MD
Valerie, Evans, MD
Wade, James, MD
Walters, Jules, MD
Weaver, Michael, MD
Webb, Watts. MD
Weiler, Jonathan, MD
Weiss, Sean, MD
Williams, Charlie, MD
Womac, Daniel, MD
Wood, James H., MD