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Tanja Milosavljevic, MSci, PhD
Instructor- Research, Neuroendocrine Tumor Program
tel. 504-568-6876

Alison Fleury, RN
Clinical Research Coordinator, Sections of Vascular & Trauma Surgery
tel. 504-568-4750
Elise Juge, BS
Research Associate
Neuroendocrine Tumor Program
tel. 504-568-6876
Steven Scahill, BS
Research Associate
Tissue Engineering Lab





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  Contact Us:

  Department of Surgery
  LSUHSC School of Medicine
  1542 Tulane Ave, 7th Floor
  New Orleans, LA 70112

  Tel: (504) 568-4750
  Fax: (504) 568-4633






Neuroendocrine Tumors Ongoing Research:

  • Development of novel radiolabeled peptides for intraoperative tumor localization, scintigraphy, and in situ radiotherapy.
  • Development of in vitro models of human angiogenesis.
  • Alterations in gene expression during the transformation of human blood vessels from the quiescent to proliferative phenotype.
  • A clinical trial of a new somatostalin analog, SOM-230, for the treatment of Carcinoid Syndrome.
  • Development of lipophilic somatostatin analogs for
    in situ radiotherapy.
  • Development of hydrophilic somatostatin analogs for
    in situ radiotherapy.
  • Development of in vitro / in vitro modeling techniques for the administration of radiolabeled peptides.
  • A clinical trial of thalidomide as an anti-tumor agent in patients with carcinoid tumors.

About the Neuroendocrine Tumor Program:

Tissue Engineering Lab


Clinical Research

Recent Awards:

St. Hilaire, Hugo; Lau, Frank: LSU Clinical Research Grant Program:Limb Salvage through Tissue Engineering: A Novel Treatment Modality using Dehydrated Human Amniotic Chorionic Membrane

Lau, Frank: LSU Biomedical Collaborative Research Program (LBCRP), Cellular Scaffolds: A Novel Approach for the Production of Functional, Implantable
Microvascular Networks

Paige, John: LSUHSC-NO Academy for the Advancement of Educational Scholarship,Team Training for Emergency Room Trauma Transfers (T2ERT2)
Paige, John: Acell, Inc., Urinary Bladder Matrix and Diabetic Wound Healing

Active Clinical Trials:

Greiffenstein, Patrick: Atox Bio, Protocol No. ABT-202:  A pivotal clinical study of AB103, a drug for severe infections, in patients with Necrotizing Soft Tissue infections

Sheahan, Malachi III: Elucid Bioimaging, Inc., Q-CAMP: Quantitative CArdiovascular Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Profiling


Research Team

The Department of Surgery's Research team consists of a Senior Post Doctoral researcher, 3 full time Research Associates, a Clinical Trials Coordinator and student workers.  Meet our Research Team: