School of Medicine

Department of Pediatrics

New Pediatrics Faculty Onboarding


Introduction to LSUHSC Policies and Website

  1. Self-Service Applications - Remote Access
    a. Email
    b. Remote VPN
    c. Citrix
    d. Self Service
    e.  Find Employees
    f. Intranet
  2. Change Password see also LSUHSC Help Desk

  3. Password Policy

  4. Chancellor's Memoranda

  5. President's Memoranda

  6. School of Medicine Bylaws

  7. Faculty Handbook

  8. University Structure (Organizational Chart)

  9. LSU Human Resources

  10. Holiday Schedule

  11. Physician Time Tracking System

  12. PM-11 - Disclosure of Outside Employement

  13. State Ethics Form 413, FAQs - completed when complimentary admission, lodging, or transportation, or reimbursement is accepted

  14. Request Vacation and Leave

  15. Compliance Training (Frank Wasser)

  16. Library Access and Databases

  17. Faculty Interests Database and Editing Instructions

  18. LSUHSC CV Template


Introduction to LSUHSC DOP Website

  1. Open Access Site
    a.  Faculty Development
    b.  Promotion and Tenure
    c.  Teaching Responsibilities
    d.  Departmental Wellness
    e.  Department Adminsitration
    f.   Hospitals and Clinic Locations
    g.  Newsletters
    h.  Department History

  2. Password-Protected Sites
    a.  Department Policies and Procedures
    b.  Past/Archived Faculty Meetings
    c.  Chief Resident's Website

Administrative Functions Orientation

  1. DOP Faculty
  2. DOP Fellows
  3. DOP Residents
  4. DOP Administrative Staff


Educational Orientation

  1. Residency Programs
    a.  Pediatrics
    b.  Pediatrics / Emergency Medicine
    c.  Medicine/Pediatrics
    d.  Child Neurology
  2. Fellowship Programs
    a.  Allergy/Immunology
    b.  Cardiology
    c.  Endocrinology
    d.  Gastroenterology
    e.  Hematology/Oncology
    f.   Hospitalist Medicine 
    g.  Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine
    h.  Nephrology
  3. LSUHSC GME Policies and Procedures
  4. Student/Resident/Fellow Evaluation System - New Innovations - use your LSU email and password
  5. Student Education
  6. LSUHSC Undergraduate Medical Education Policies and Procedures

Clinical Faculty

  1. Billing and Collection - Access ICD 9 to ICD 10 Transition System
  2. Introduction to State of Louisiana Risk Management System - Register for Louisiana Electronic Event Registration System User Account