Faculty Development Program

Dr. Bonnie Desselle, Pediatrics Residency Program Director, conducts  a series of workshops to improve faculty and fellows’ teaching skills and encourage active learning during didactic sessions with residents, such as daily noon conferences.  This faculty development program has been approved by the LSUHSC- NO Institutional Review Board.  Dr. Desselle meets with faculty and fellows from each division within the department and conducts separate workshops tailored for each subspecialty, emphasizing interactive teaching techniques to create a better learning environment.

In addition, Dr. Desselle has produced a series of precisely targeted articles covering enhanced teaching and mentoring techniques published in the Pediatrics Departmental Newsletter under a special Faculty Development Section. 



 Creation of an Active Learning Environment in the Lecture Setting

           Handouts accompanying this lecture
                Helpful Hints for Creation of Interactive Lecture

                Shock Worksheet Example

Strategies to Enhance Your Lectures


               Getting Started: Creating an Interactive Lecture Worksheet

               The Pulse (Special Edition): Governance Structure


Faculty Development Newsletter Articles

Sleep Deprivation in Medical Trainees

The One-Minute Preceptor

Faculty Development: Feedback

Interactive Resident Noon Conferences

Faculty Development: Effective Sign-Offs

Overview of the New ACGME Duty Hours

SBAR Communications

New ACGME Duty Hours Take Effect July 1



Parachute Checklist: Preparing for the jump into the world of private practice

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