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The Southern Center for Adolescent and Young Adult Health Equity ("The Southern Center") is located within the LSUHSC School of Medicine-Department of Pediatrics. We seek to expand access to quality, adolescent-centered healthcare across Louisiana and the South through the delivery of clinical services at multiple sites; research; quality improvement initiatives; reproductive health advocacy; community engagement; and provider and health professional student education.     



All adolescents and young adults living in Louisiana have access to quality adolescent-centered care that promotes their health and wellbeing, enabling them to reach their full potential.


To develop skilled, committed and passionate health professionals dedicated to advancing access to innovative quality adolescent-centered healthcare for all adolescents.  

The Southern Center in Action

The Southern Center supports four interrelated pillars of work all seeking to advance quality adolescent-centered  healthcare, including:

  1. Clinical Care: Adolescent-focused clinical and specialty health care

  2. Provider & Health Professional Student Education : Education on core adolescent health issues for students and existing healthcare professionals

  3. Quality Improvement & Research: Advancing research and practice improvement methods for adolescent-centered health services

  4. Community Engagement & Advocacy: Community engagement and training to amplify the voices of adolescents, their families, and their healthcare providers

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For more information, please contact Carleigh Baudoin, Program Manager, at cbaud6@lsuhsc.edu.