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The Southern Center believes educating current and emerging medical professionals is paramount to advancing quality adolescent-centered health care. To date, we have conducted over 125 educational sessions on adolescent health and trained over 3,000 providers and health professional students.

We train on a various topics central to adolescent health, including:

•Adolescent consent and confidentiality

•Caring for LGBTQIA+ youth

•Adolescent reproductive and sexual health including, sexual history taking and contraception

•Eating disorders

•School-based health care

 Examples of recent trainings:

•Caring for LGBTQ Youth- Training Series conducted in partnership with Teen Health Mississippi

•Confidentiality in the Digital Age-Society for Adolescent Health and Medicine lecture

•Adolescent Medicine: What in the world is it and what can they do for my patients?-Lecture for medical professionals conducted by Nurse Coordinator

•AAP- Mum’s the Word: Adolescent Consent to Care and Confidentiality

•School Health Lecture-Adolescent Health Guest Panel-Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health

•Confidential Adolescent Services - A Tool for Social Justice