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Anesthesiology Student Clerkship


Administration:  Stephanie Guzman, MD
                              Assistant Professor
                              Director, Student Medical Education

                           Lara GuidryMSHCM
                     Residency Coordinator


4th Year Medical Students

The Department of Anesthesiology at LSUHSC offers a 4th year clinical clerkship that gives medical students the opportunity to  gain knowledge in delivering a general anesthetic.  The clerkship allows students to have direct interaction with faculty and residents.  Rotational experience will occur at University Medical Center New Orleans and Children's Hospital of New Orleans.  The Department's mission supports that of the medical school, which is excellence in education, patient care, research, administration and service to the community.

Participation in this 4th year clerkship requires approval from the department and LSU Student Affairs Office.  For more information, please access the link below.

3rd Year Medical Students

In addition, The Department of Anesthesiology at LSUHSC offers a 3rd year clinical clerkship.  This clerkship is limited to LSU medical students. During this two week rotation at University Medical Center New Orleans, 3rd year medical students are introduced to all aspects of the anesthesia specialty including airway management and intravenous cannulation.

LSU 3rd year medical students who are interested in completing a rotation in anesthesia should contact the Office of Undergraduate Medical Education at 504-568-4620.

Medical Students - Orientation will be held on the first day of your rotation in the Anesthesia Conference Room, 1542 Tulane Avenue, Room 652.  Wear scrubs.

Attendace is required and will be monitored.  Attendance is expected at all lectures.

An anesthesia post-test will be given on the last day of your rotation.  The post-test will be included as part of your grade.

A Power-Point presentation on an anesthesia topic of choice is required.  Please send your presentation via email to Lara Guidry prior to the end of your rotation.  It will be included as part of your grade.

Course Goals and Objectives

Through a combination of didactic lectures, reading, clinical experience and simulation lab experience, medical students rotating through anesthesia will learn the following:

The following skills will be developed:

Recommended Textbooks:

Recommended Website:

American Society of Anesthesiology      

Anesthesia Interest Group

LSU medical students interested in joining the Anesthesia Interest Group (AIG) should contact Lara Guidry at