School of Medicine


Adjunct Faculty



Research interests


Dr. Haydee E. P. Bazan

Retina and cornea biochemistry; neural synthesis and turnover of membrane lipids including phosphoinositides; dynamics of membrane phospholipids in photoreceptor cells


Dr. Nicolas G. Bazan

Neurochemistry; membrane phospholipids in experimental models of retinal degenerative diseases, epilepsy, and stroke; biosynthesis of prostaglandins and other eicosinoids; metabolism of docosahexanoic and arachidonic acids


Dr. John Doucet
Assistant Professor

Genetic diseases in Louisiana populations; Acadian Usher syndrome; neurobiology of vision and hearing; genetic epidemiology of diseases; molecular anthropology of Louisiana populations


Dr. Augusto Ochoa

Professor of Pediatrics
Adjunct Associate Professor, Biochemistry

T cell function, Cytokine production, Macrophage-T cell interaction, Immune regulation, Immune dysfunction and disease, Tumor Immunology