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Instructor: Iris Lindberg, PhD
Professor Dept. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, LSUHSC

phone: 504 568 4799

This course is graduate seminar for Biochemistry students. The course covers the essentials, not only of giving a good seminar (every student will present a 50 min seminar for critique), but also basic principles of grantsmanship; clear scientific writing; teaching tips; and topics related to career development.

Seminar Etiquette

  1. Please prepare your computer/AV equipment at least 30 minutes ahead (or the previous day) so that we are able to get started on time.
  2. All cell phones and beepers are to be turned off and/or silenced for the entirety of the class.
  3. Please don't arrive late, and don't leave during the talk unless you have a medical/physical emergency.

We will start each meeting with a discussion of any talks in the Biochemistry Lecture series that we had during the previous week. What were the strong and weak points of that outside speaker? What can we learn from that presentation that we can incorporate into our speaking style (or avoid!)?

Course Schedule

Biochem 299 - Thursdays from 4-5:30 pm in the Biochem Conference Room
Course Director:
I. Lindberg

Students: Elly Park, Marcel Charbonnet, Suzie Burke, Vinodh Kurella, Brajesh Kumar, Dave Eckert, Tim Wakeman, Tanya Roy, Saumya Ramanathan

January 6

Organizational Meeting- signups for 50 and 10 min talks

January 13 How to Give a Talk, Present a Journal Club, and Write an Abstract- Iris Lindberg PowerPoint
January 20 no class
January 27 How to Give a Lecture- Jay Hunt
February 3

Tim- Critiqued Lecture

February 10

(Mardi Gras Week)

February 17 Tanya- Critiqued Lecture
February 24

Dave- Critiqued Lecture

March 3 no class
March 10

Elly- Critiqued Lecture

March 17

How to Succeed in Graduate School- Iris PowerPoint

March 24 Writing Your Preliminary and Qualifying Exams- Iris PowerPoint
March 31 Marcel - prep for WIP
April 7

Brajesh- prep for WIP

April 14 Short Talks- everyone
April 21

Short Talks- everyone

April 28

P.R.- Rotation Talk

May 5 Saumya- Rotation Talk
May 12 Vinodh- Rotation Talk
May 19 Suzie- Rotation Talk

Helpful files:

"How to Succeed in Your Rotation" Dr. Lindberg [Click here to open PDF]

"What You Learn in Graduate School" Dr. Lindberg [Click here to open PDF]

"Career Topics for Graduate Students and Postdocs" Dr. Lindberg [Click here to open PowerPoint ]

"Effective Scientific Writing" Dr. Lindberg [Click here to open PowerPoint ]

"Effective Teaching" Jay Hunt

"Teaching Tips-Presentation" & "Teaching Tips-Print Version" Pam Walsh

Open or Download: Scientific Abstract Form

People downloading this presentation should be aware that more detailed information is presented and discussed during the lecture: "How to Write a Grant Power Point Presentation"

Useful Websites:

Survival Skills for Grad Students: talks, posters, grants, papers, jobs:

Similar Site Run by IBRO:

MIT's site:

Grant writing:

Tips on Writing Scientific Reports:




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