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Breast Cancer Awareness


  1. “Testing ISG-15 human defense protein key to cancer treatment”; Interview with Business Standard, India, 2014
  2. “LSU researcher discovers a possible cause of cancer”; Interview with WGNO-ABC26 local TV channel
  3. LSUHSC research finds trigger for breast cancer spread”; Interview with Fox 8 local TV channel


Media coverage

  1. “Medical Researchers Turn to Crowdfunding to Kickstart NovelStudies. By S.Z. Berg for MainStreet, New York.
  2. Ataxia Telangiectasia: is ISG15 the culprit? Consano: Nonprofit Crowdfunding Medical Research
  3. Abnormal Protein Turnover May Cause Brain Cell Death, A-T News
  4. Research New covered by the Healthbeat New Orleans Magazine
  5. Research Covered by the Biochemistry Current Events
  6. “LSUHSC research finds trigger for breast cancer spread”; Press release on EurekAlert, an online science news service.
  7. “Change in immune system 'could increase risk of cancer spreading” Research Covered by the Spire Healthcare
  8. Study finds trigger that possibly spreads breast cancer”; News covered by Breast cancerNews service .
  9. Trigger for breast cancer spread identified”; News covered by Daily News and Analysis newspaper.
  10.  Indian origin professor's team idetifies breast cancer trigger; News covered by India's leading online and mobile platform
  11. Shyamal Desai IDs trotein triggering the spread of breast cancer; News covered by India West, US-Indian Newspaper
  12. LSU team finds defense system flaw in breast cancer patietns; News covered by Medical Daily
  13. A novel therapeutic target to slow breast cancer cell motility; News covered by Armenian Medical network
  14. “Morning Headlines: A new therapeutic target for breast cancer”; News covered by the Scientist.
  15. Researchers discover trigger for breast cancer spread”; News covered by Hope for Cancer.
  16. “Alteration in ISG15 pathway triggers breast cancer metastasis”; News covered by Grays Medicine

Ataxia Telangiectasia awareness

Media Coverage

  1. Scholarly Briefs: Ataxia Telangiectasia: New insights for the healthcare professionals, 2013 edition, Chapter 1, page 7.

Inventions and Patents:

  1. Patent Application title: Therapeutic and Diagnostic Method for Ataxia Telangiectasia; Inventor: Desai SD; US patent 9,599,626, Awarded March 2017
  2. Patent Application Title: Compositions and Methods for Detecting Proteinopathies; Inventor: Desai SD, Non-provisional patent application 15/816,998 is pending and adds to the body of work protected by US patent 9,599,626.

2021 2:49:46 PM

Recent Funding:

  1. Leverage Innovation for Technology Transfer) project  Desai SD (PI) 

Title: Assessing the potential of using ISGylation as a liquid biopsy biomarker for neurodegenerative diseases. 2021-2022

      2.  LSUHSC-SOM-Internal Research Funding.Desai SD (PI)

Title: Assessing the potential of using ISGylation as a liquid biopsy biomarker for COVID19


Lab News

Congratulations to Meredith Juncker for earning her PhD degree

2021 2:52:28 PM


Congragulation to Joshua Schwartzenberg for T32 Fellowship

2021 2:53:15 PM

Desai Lab published two back-to-back papers on Mitophagy


  1. Kim C, Juncker M, Reed R, Haas A, Guidry J, Matunis M, Yang, WC, Schwartzenburg J, Desai SD.SUMOylation of mitofusins: a potential mechanism for perinuclear mitochondrial congression in cells treated with mitochondrial stressors. (2021) BBA-Molecular Biology of Disease,
  2. Juncker M, Kim C, Reed R, Haas A, Schwartzenburg J, Desai SD. ISG15 attenuates post-translational modifications of mitofusins and congression of damaged mitochondria in ataxia telangiectasia cells (2021) BBA-Molecular Biology of Disease, [