DNA Microarray Sites


Oligonucleotide Chips

  • Affymetrix - high density oligonucleotide chips produced by in situ photolithography

Bioelectronic Chips

  • Nanogen - chips with individually addressable electrodes

Premade Macro and Micorarrays

  • Clontech - cDNA arrays spotted on membranes, several animal models and research interest specific arrays
  • Genosys (Sigma) - Panorama E. coli gene arrays
  • Genotech - Gene Hunter macroarrays
  • Incyte - GEM Microarrays, high density cDNA arrays on silicone slides, several animal models and interest - specific arrays
  • Mergen - Express Chip
  • Perkin Elmer Life Sciences - microarrays
  • Research Genetics - GeneFilters microarrays, several animal models and includes ESTs

Spotting Robots


Scanning/Detection Devices

Data Analysis Software

Hybridization Machines

Reagents and Supplies


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