Commercial Suppliers of Molecular Biology Supplies

Over 1,000 antibodies for research use, plus a free antibody search engine that searches the catalogs of over 350 online companies.

Abgent -

Antibodies, peptides, and protein expression products and services, with an emphasis on cell signaling, cell cycle, apoptosis.

ACB Blocks Biochemicals-
Provides reagents for biochemistry and molecular biology as well as organic compounds for high throughput screening.
Offer sready to use PCR kits for animal diseases diagnosis.
A.G. Scientific-
Supplier of innovative biochemicals and pharmaceutical raw materials.
Supplies immunology research products such as antibodies, recombinant proteins, and controls.
Sells purified proteins and antigens.
Biocolor Assays-
Biocolor Assays for biomedical and bioscience research.
Manufactures and sells high quality reagents and kits for life science and molecular research.
BioLog Life Science Institute-
Produces rare and sophisticated nucleotides, nucleosides and nucleobases with a special focus on cyclic AMP and cyclic GMP analogs.
Biomedical Technologies Inc.-
Reagents for life science research, such as assay kits, antibodies and cell growth factors.
Biontex Laboratories-
Offers high efficient transfection reagents for mammalien and insect cells.
Bio-Rad ProteomeWorks-
Provides the background, techniques and supplies required for analysis of the 'proteome,' the total protein output encoded by a genome.
Bioshop Canada-
Supplies Molecular Biology reagents, biochemicals and chemicals to the Biomedical, Biotechnology and Life Science Research markets.
Boston Biochem, Inc.-
Produces high quality specialized reagents for the Ubiquitin Proteasome Pathway. These products include enzymes, substrates, inhibitors, ubiquitin derivatives and assay kits.
Cell Sciences: Immunochemical Supplier-
Explains types of kits, antibodies and reagents offered. Lists special deals.
Charles River-
An FDA-licensed manufacturer of limulus amebocyte lysate (LAL) reagents and accessory products.'s Research System-
Provides pharmaceutical researchers web based chemical structure searching and purchase of drug-like compound samples for screening and lead follow-up.
CLONTECH Laboratories, Inc.-
Develops, produces, and markets innovative biological products to the life science market worldwide.
Covance Antibody Services-
Provides innovative antibody products and custom antibody services to the biomedical research community.
Diagnostic Systems Laboratories Inc.-
DSL is involved with developing and marketing in vitro diagnostics; Such as: Immunodiagnostic Assays and Reagents for Endocrinology Applications, Infectious Disease Assays, and Research Reagents. We are a CLIA Certified Reference Laboratory. We also do Contract Assay Development and Manufacturing, R&D Antibody Development, Protein Purification, and Method Development.
Produces monoclonal antibodies for in-vitro research. Applications include immunophenotyping, flowcytometry, HIV research and diagnostic, cancer research - leukaemia and lymphoma.
Dynal Biotech-
Produces Dynabeads products for separation of cells, microorganisms, subcellular fractions, and DNA or mRNA.
Educational Science-
Manufactures and distributes science kits, science novelties, nature kits, biotechnology education kits and equipment, and entomology kits and equipment.
Ellard Instrumentation Ltd-
Electrophoresis, biotechnology, radiation shielding and custom acrylic items. Gamma and Beta sheilding, Hybritization, incubation, gel boxes, sequencers, electro blotters, Made to your specifications
Provides 3DNA hybridization probes for gene expression microarrays, northern and southern blotting.
Biotech company developing human antibody therapies and treatments for cancer, rheumatoid arthritis and other diseases.
Hope Laboratories-
Manufactures ELISA kit components and accessories intended for further manufacturing or research use.
HyCult Biotechnology-
Antibodies and assays for LPS research.
Dedicated to provide biomedical research community and biopharmaceutical industry with high quality and high throughput protein assay systems.
Manufactures and markets high-quality immunological reagents for research and industrial applications.
Immunology Consultants Laboratory-
Wholesale producer of immunological reagents for over 25 years.
A provider of immunoassay diagnostic kits suited to reproductive health, thyroid screening, infertility and tumor markers.
InnoGenex is a Life Science Research Company that provides cutting-edge enabling technology, products and services to accelerate research and development of new diagnostics and therapeutics.
Institute Virion, Ltd.-
Developer, producer and distributor of in vitro diagnostic reagents for the serological diagnosis of infectious diseases, producer of bulk antigens of bacterial, viral or parasitical origin.
InVivoScribe Technologies, L.L.C.-
Proprietary technologies for in vivo cDNA synthesis and advanced technologies for molecular diagnosis of cancer and infectious disease.
Invitrogen Life Technologies-
Develops, produces, and markets innovative biological products to the life science market worldwide.
KMI Diagnostics, Inc-
KMI specializes in clinical laboratory reagent assays for research and clinical testing in the areas of autoimmune and infectious disease. KMI is also a distributor for various diagnostic assay markers for Biogenic Amines, Catecholamines, Cytokines, Hormones, Steroids, and other esoteric diagnostic research products
Labor Diagnostika Nord-
LDN is a producer of isotopic and non-isotopic immunoassays for the determination of biogenic amines and their metabolites. LDN is also a reference laboratory.
LAROVA Biochemie-
Bulk manufacturer of high grade dNTPs for PCR and sequencing, PCR kits, RT-PCR kits, all reagents pass 30kbp PCR.
Life Diagnostics-
Manufacturer of antigens and antibodies for the clinical diagnostic industry. Product lines focus on cardiac and autoimmune diseases.
Maine Biotechnology Services, Inc.-
A contract developer & producer of monoclonal antibodies since 1990 as well as polyclonal antibodies from rabbits, goats, & sheep since 1992.
Marker Gene Technologies-
Development of biopharmaceuticals and molecular biology products for use in medical, research, and industrial biotechnology.
MicroPharm- antiserum production in Sheep, goats, donkeys and hens and a manufacturing suite for the production of therapeutic antibody products.

Molecular Probes-

A leading worldwide provider of fluorescence-based detection products and solutions that advance biomedical and other scientific research.

Monomer Sciences, Inc.-
Produces standard and custom modified nucleosides as well as organic chemicals and custom products to the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.
Moravek Radiochemicals-
Manufacturer of tritium and carbon 14 radiochemicals for AIDS and cancer research, as well as a wide variety of other products.
Neuromics Incorporated-
Provides antibodies for the neuroscience community.

New England BioLabs -

Enzymes for nucleic acid and protein research.

Northern Lipids Inc.-
Offers high purity phospholipids, phospholipid derivatives and liposomal formulations for the research, biotechnology and research communities.
Reagents for assay and detection of apoptosis, cancer metastasis, inflammation and elastase. Discusses product use, new research and development, and company profile.
Reagents, chemicals and supplies for the life sciences.
Pocono Rabbit Farm and Laboratory, Inc.-
Custom polyclonal and monoclonal antibody production using rabbits, guinea pigs, goats, rats, sheep, mice and chickens. Includes products and services available, contact addresses and a FAQs page.
Prosci Incorporated-
Developing high-grade polyclonal antibodies for fields of research such as apoptosis, signal transduction, HIV coreceptors and chemokine receptors, and neurobiology.
Quantum Biotechnologies-
Assisting international scientific progress towards innovative discoveries by providing cutting edge tools for genetic engineering and recombinant technologies.
QED Bioscience-
Supplies polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies for diagnostic immunoassays.
Research Diagnostics Inc-
Distributor of monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies, cytokines, growth factors, interferons, interleukins and other immunochemical products.
Manufacturer and distributor of ready-to-use non-isotopic immunoassays kits specifically designed for precise measurement of salivary biomarkers.
An internationanl supplier of high quality immunological reagents, especially antibodies. The website provides news, an on-line catalogue, a free antibody discussion board and access to a free antibody location service.
Manufacturer of laboratory reagents in all fields of life sciences, including biochemistry, molecular biology, cell culture and cell biology.
Sternberger Monoclonals Inc-
Provide high quality, high titer SMI mouse monoclonal antibodies and PAP and ClonoPAP immunodetection reagents.
Stratagene Online-
Innovative high-quality, time-saving products for life science research, now in fields such as neurobiology, cell biology and genetic toxicology.
StressGen Biotechnologies Corp.-
Antibodies, proteins and probes for heat shock proteins, chaperonins and organelle markers; used in stress response, signal transduction, neurobiology and vesicular trafficking research.
Targeting Systems-
Commercial supplier of transfection reagents, including siRNA, for a variety of cell types. Explains how proteins and genetic material is delivered and gives a report on success percentages. Located in San Diego, California.
The Binding Site-
Products include autoimmune, MMP, immunoglobulins, serum proteins, and animal reagents.
Venn Nova, LLC , Cationic Liposomes-
Polycationic liposome reagents for DNA transfection at the lowest prices in the market. High transfection efficiencies with minimal toxicity.
Provides antigens and antibodies to the research and diagnostics markets.
Vivascience Ultrafiltration Products-
Offers a wide range of concentrators for protein purification and concentration of antibodies.
Yash Raj Biotechnology-
A source for high quality purified proteins for the diagnostic and health care industry.
Zymed Laboratories Inc.-
Immunochemistry services for research and medical customers.