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August 2012


 Pediatric Pathology Fellowship



Childrens Hospital         
200 Henry Clay Avenue
New Orleans, LA 70118

Program Director: Randall Craver, M.D.

Philosophy: The Pediatric Pathology Program offered by Louisiana State University Medical School Department of Pathology will provide an integrated 1 year organized educational ACGME approved program for qualified physicians seeking to acquire advanced competence in diagnosis of childhood diseases through direct clinical experience with emphasis on clinical pathologic correlation, organized educational conferences, and research activities. 

Goals: Through the study and diagnosis of human diseases manifested in the placenta, embryo, fetus, infant, child, and adolescent, the trainees will be prepared for a position either in an academic or private pediatric center. The trainee will be adequately prepared for subspecialty certification in pediatric pathology Trainee will become proficient and knowledgeable in diagnostic pediatric anatomic pathology which includes surgical, autopsy, cytological, hematological, ultrastructural, placental, and embryo-fetal and developmental pathology. Trainee will become proficient in the use of tools to evaluate structured abnormalities, such as histochemistry, immunohistochemistry, cytology, electron microscopy, and immunofluorescent microscopy. Trainee will demonstrate working knowledge of current topics within the diagnostic laboratory (microbiology including virology, immunology, cytogenetics, metabolic disease, and blood bank), obtained by both an integrated approach incorporating these topics with daily duties as well as separate rotations.  The trainee will develop interactive skills for excellent communication with other specialists involved in the care of children. The trainee will become proficient in the use and interpretation of diagnostic tests used in the diagnosis of pediatric diseases. 

Objectives:  The trainee will spend approximately 9 months on various anatomic rotations. During this time, the trainee will evaluate at least 2000 surgical, bone marrow, electron microscopic, and cytology cases. This evaluation will include incorporation of ancillary diagnostic techniques, including special stains, immunohistochemistry, fluorescent techniques, fine needle aspirations, and correlations with cytogenetic and molecular studies. The trainees will evaluate 50 intraoperative frozen sections.  The trainee will spend 3 months on a required cytogenetic rotation (2 weeks) and other elective laboratory rotations to obtain a broad understanding of pediatric laboratory medicine. The trainee will perform 40 pediatric autopsies during the year, including a mixture of hospital deaths, forensic deaths, neonatal deaths, embryofetal deaths, and stillbirths Communication skills will be developed by the many conferences that the trainee will be involved with and will be an active presenter. The trainee will be responsible for 4 didactic conferences given at the pathology Thursday Morning Conferences Teaching skills will be developed through interaction with pathology residents, medical students, and other specialty trainees. Trainee will conduct at least one research project worthy of publication. Abstract submission will be encouraged. The trainee will obtain management and administrative skills by participating in the routine operations of a laboratory, which will include preparations for laboratory accreditations.  

Facilities:  The main training facility is Children’s Hospital of New Orleans, 247 bed tertiary referral hospital with all major subspecialties. Children’s Hospital serves as the primary teaching facility for LSU Pediatrics and Pediatric Specialties. Experience in pediatric forensic pathology is obtained at Orleans and Jefferson Parishes’ Coroner’s Offices, which serves the greater New Orleans Region. Additional placental and perinatal pathology is obtained through the Medical Center of Louisiana- New Orleans. 


  • Background in anatomic and clinical pathology, preferably completion of an anatomic and clinical pathology residency program.
  • Eligibility for Louisiana State Medical License.
  • Three letters of recommendation.

Applicant Selection Handout

Please send letters of inquiry and recommendation to:



Program Director: Randall Craver, MD
Residency Coordinator: Leslie Davis, BA