Tetsuo Nakamoto, Ph.D.



DDS - 1964
Nihon University, School of Dentistry

MS Prosthodontics - 1966
University of Michigan

MS Physiology - 1969
University of North Dakota

MS Physiology - 1971
University of Michigan

PhD Nutritional Biochemistry and Metabolism - 1978
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Research Interests

Growth and Development of Hard Tissues
Neonatal Nutrition
Protein-Energy Malnutrition
Brain Development and Caffeine's Effects
Various Application of Theobromine on Hard Tissues

Selected Publications

Asadifar, M., Yasdani, M., Sadeghpour, R., Bruno, C., Green, J., Nakamoto, A.T., Hosseini, P., Fahami, F., Gottschalk, S., and Nakamoto, T, Combined effects of caffeine and malnutrition on the newborn rat's myocardium, Food and Chemical Toxi 43: 451-456, 2005.

Nomura, K., Saito, S., Ide, K., Kamino, Y., Sasahara, H., Nakamoto, T., and Abiko, Y., Caffeine suppresses the expression of the Bcl-2 mRNA in BeWo cell culture and rat placenta, J. Nutr. Biochem 15:342-349, 2004.

Yazdani, M., Ide, K., Asadifar, M. Gottschalk, S., Joseph, F. Jr., Nakamoto, T., Effects of caffeine on the saturated and monounsaturated fatty acids of the newborn rat cerebellum, Ann. Nutr. Metab. 48:79-83, 2004.

Nakamoto, T., Neurodevelopmetal consequences of coffee/caffeine exposure, Coffee, Tea, Chocolate and the Brain CRC Press LLC, pp97-112, 2004.

Tanuma, A., Saito, S., Ide, K., Sasahara, H. Yazdani, M., Gottshalk, S., Nakamoto, T., Abiko, Y., Caffeine enhances the expression of the antiotensin II type 2 receptor mRNA in BeWo cell culture and in the rat placenta, Placenta 24:638-647, 2003.