2022 Spring Seminar Schedule


 Spring 2022


January 20
12:30 - 1:30

Dr. Theodore Price
The University of Texas Dallas

Molecular Characterization of Human Nociceptors - Insights into Chronic Pain Mechanisms in Patients

January 27

Nicholas Fried
LSUHSC New Orleans

The Role of Inhaled Nicotine in Cardiac Remodeling

February 3

Dr. Micah Schott
University of Nebraska Medical Center

Mechanisms of Lipid Droplet Autography in Alcoholic Liver Disease

February 17

Dr. Janos Paloczi

Cardiovascular Effects of Binge Alcohol Drinking: Role of the Endocannabinoid-CB1 Receptor Signaling

February 24

Dr. Ricardo Mostany
Tulane University School of Medicine

Alterations in Synaptic Plasticity in Healthy and Pathological Brain Aging

March 3

Dr. Natalia Osna
Pennington Biomedical Research Center

Alcohol Potentiates HIV-Induced Hepatotoxicity: Contribution to End-Stage Liver Disease

March 10
12:30 - 1:30

Jonquil Poret
LSUHSC New Orleans

Chronic Binge Alcohol in SIV: Impact of Adipose Tissue Stiffness on Metabolic Dysfunction

March 17

Chelsea Duplantis
LSUHSC New Orleans

A Novel Transgemic Mouse to Study the Role of Kappa Opioid Receptors in Stress and Addiction

March 22

Lisa Wilson
University of Florida

Characterization of Novel, Selective Sigma Receptor Ligands as Treatments for Chronic Pain

March 24

Nathan Sharfman
LSUHSC New Orleans

Melanocortin 4 Receptor Modulation of Nociception and Alcohol Plasticity

April 7

Dr. Patrick Mulholland
The Medical University of South Carolina

Chronic Alcohol, Intrinsic Excitability, and Potassium Channels: A Focus on Excessive Drinking and Negative Affect

April 14

Dr. Jorge Castorena-Gonzalez
Tulane University School of Medicine

New Insights Into Obesity-Induced Lymphedema

April 21

Dr. Kevin Bath
New York State Psychiatric Institute

Impact of Early Life Adversity on Brain and Behavioral Development in a Mouse Model: Modeling Risk for Pathology

April 28

Dr. Nicholas Timme
ADACE Postdoc Seminar Series

Neural Firing Patterns Underlying Compulsive Alcohol Consumption in a Rodent Model of Genetic Risk for Alcohol Use Disorder

May 2

Dr. John J. Spitzer Award Lecture

Dr. Merry Lindsey
Nebraska Medical Center

Cardiac Wound Healing after Myocardial Infarction

May 5

Ariel Amgott-Kwan
Tulane University

Support for the Endomorphin Analog ZH853 as a Low Addiction Liability Treatment for Pain and Opioid Use Disorder

May 12

Dr. Joyonna Gamble-George
ADACE Postdoc Seminar Series

From Mice to Humans: Behavioral Mechanisms of Substance Use and Misuse