Medical Spanish Guatemala Summer Elective


The Medical Spanish Guatemala Rotation is a week-long elective course for Spanish-speaking medical students seeking an immersive clinical experience abroad. At the “Hospital del Hermano Pedro,” students will work in medical teams alongside local physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals to take complete patient histories and perform physical examinations. Students will also attend to patients with compounded neurological deficits at the neurology care facility “Virgen del Socorro.” While this week is largely a patient-centered experience, students will have their afternoons off to enjoy the food, music, culture, and scenery of the beautiful city of Antigua. This elective aims to improve students’ Spanish proficiency and cultural competency by immersing them in a medical environment under the Guatemalan healthcare system.  To be eligible to enroll, students must be a Medical Student and successfully complete Medical Spanish (PHYSIO220).

Medical Spanish Elective (PHYSIO220) Resources Medical Spanish Guatemala Summer Elective (MCLIN140)  Resources
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