PHYSIO 289 Special Topics in Physiology

Renal and Vascular Physiology for Fall 2013

Date/Week of



Student Presentation

Wed, Aug 14

Course Orientation

Drs. Harrison-Bernard and Gardner

Sign-up Sheet for Oral Presentations

Mon, Aug 19

I.  Overview of Vascular Physiology

II.  Endothelial and Vascular Smooth Muscle Communication

Dr. Gardner


Dr. McDonough


Mon, Aug 26

Vascular Reactivity in Arterioles, Venules, and Lymphatics

Dr. Souza-Smith

 1. Ford

Wed, Sept 4

Extracellular Matrix & Vascular Fibrosis    

Dr. Gardner

 2. Mouton & El Haij

Mon, Sept 9

Vascular & Lymphatic Angiogenesis

Dr. Murfee

3. Maxi

Wed, Sept 18

Role of Reactive Oxygen Species in Oxidative Stress

Dr. Potter

4. Baynes

Mon, Sept 23

Genetic Alterations in Vascular Disease

Dr. Pandey

5. Mayeux

Mon, Sept 30

Mid-Term Examination
6 Lectures

Dr. Gardner


Mon, Oct 7

I.  Overview of Renal Physiology
II. Classic Techniques in Renal Physiology

Dr. Harrison-Bernard


Mon, Oct 14

The Glomerular Permeability Barrier

Dr. Harrison-Bernard

6. Mayeux

Mon, Oct 21

Renal Vascular Function

Dr. Harrison-Bernard

7. Maxi

Mon, Oct 28

Urinary Concentrating Mechanisms/Pharmacology of Diuretics

Dr. Kapusta

8. Baynes

Mon, Nov 4

Nonclassical Renin-Angiotensin and Renal Function

Dr. Cook

9. Ford

Mon, Nov 11

Tubular RAS / New Role for Renal Renin/Pro Renin

Dr. Prieto

10. El Haij

Mon, Nov 18

Renal Mechanisms of Hypertension

Dr. Smart

11. Mouton

Mon, Nov 25

Final Examination
7 Lectures

Dr. Harrison-Bernard