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Denise Flock-Williams

This quarter brings more great news -- these pages are filled with evidence that the LSU School of Medicine lives out its critical mission of teaching, patient care, research and community service every day. 

Faculty, students, post-docs, fellows and residents have all earned an impressive array of awards and honors. Your work continues to be published on a near daily basis and in some of the most prestigious journals in the world. You serve as trusted resources in the community and beyond, translating scientific knowledge and findings into actionable steps viewers can take to live healthier lives. You do this so often that we created an entirely new section, “School of Medicine in the News” to highlight your contributions in the popular press.

These stories demonstrate just a fraction of the School of Medicine’s contribution to teaching, patient care, research and community service. Please help me to share the stories of your work! You can email me at anytime with an idea for a story, information or pictures that we can share. I extend additional thanks to Dr. Judy Crabtree, Todd LaGrange, David Nelson, and Dr. Stephanie Taylor who all work behind the scenes to get each issue published.