An Editor’s Goodbye 

Andrew D. Hollenbach, Ph.D.
Head Editor of The Pulse

You’ve heard it said that to everything there is a season and to everything there is a time. I’ve been the head editor of The Pulse for over nine years. I’ve now made the decision that it’s time for my season at The Pulse to come to an end and that it is also time for someone else to take the lead and usher it into a new era.

The Pulse, originally simply called “SOM Newsletter”, developed from the initiative of the School of Medicine Communications committee. I distinctly remember purchasing a copy of the computer program Adobe InDesign and teaching myself graphic design in order to produce the first issue. I look back at that issue and am proud of what it represented, but I realize now just how far the newsletter has evolved over the years.

We started out with five Associate Editors, each representing a different aspect of life at the SOM. After the first issue, Gina Laborde, my friend and amazing graphic designer, came on board bringing a new professional look to the publication. A reader survey solicited names and from your response the newsletter became known as The Pulse.  

Although we did our best to bring out The Pulse on a regular schedule, it was difficult. These issues tended to read more like magazines, being distributed as pdf files, than an informative newsletter, simply because there was so much going on that was worthy of being reported. Along the way my friend and trusted colleague Judy Crabtree, Ph.D. joined the team as an Associate Editor bringing her exceptional copy editing and organizational talent to the team.

After a small hiatus during which we all took a break and recalibrated, we returned with a new look.  We switched to an on-line format. We streamlined the team to Judy, Gina, and myself and established a structured production timeline to insure a regular and timely release

We’ve had some changes over the last year. First was the leaving of our graphic designer and friend, Gina Laborde. I would now like to introduce you to Darlene Guillot, our new graphic designer. Darlene was instrumental in developing the new web format that you are presently reading. You can read more about her in her welcome piece located in the Top Stories section of this issue.

I would also like to introduce you to the new head editor, Denise Flock-Williams.  Many of you may know Denise from her work in The Foundation. I have been working closely with Denise in order to ensure a smooth transition and I can rest assured knowing that The Pulse is in VERY capable hands. You can read more about her, too, in her welcome piece located in the Top Stories.

Denise and Darlene will have plenty of assistance from Judy Crabtree, who will be remaining as Associate Editor extraordinaire, as well as myself, who will stay in contact with all of them and serve as consultant, if they need.

I am extremely proud of what we’ve done over the years and what The Pulse has become. I’m greatly indebted to all of the people who have worked hard and provided their support to help make The Pulse what it is today. The Associate Editors that worked with me in the past (Joy Sturtevant, Ph.D., Cathi Fontenot, M.D., Judith Venuti, Ph.D., Stacey Holman, M.D., Diana Thien, M.D.).  I am also greatly appreciative of our administration, Steve Nelson, M.D. (Dean of the SOM), Janis Letourneau, M.D. (former Associate Dean of Faculty Affairs), and Richard DiCarlo, M.D.(Senior Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs) for their never-ending support and encouragement throughout the years.

Yes, it’s time for me to step down. How ever, I know that what we have created is in excellent and very capable hands and will only grow and improve from here. Thank s go to all of you for your readership, for your contributions and stories over the years, and for all that you do and continue to do for the School of Medicine.