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Sample Submission Information

The sample submission form for proteomics and mass spectrometry are available here:

Sample Submission Form

To ensure protein identifications of your samples, you need to denote the origins (taxonomy) of your samples in the sample submission form for database-dependent protein identification. If there are mutations or chimeric proteins in your sample, please specify these sequences.

Silver based staining methods are not recommended for peptide mass fingerprinting (PMF) due to low yields of tryptic fragments recovered after in-gel digestion. Coomassie based staining has shown to have the lowest impact in in-gel digest reaction, and, therefore, gives the best mass spectrometry results. Gels visualized with Sypro Ruby (fluorescence stain) are more sensitive than Coomassie stain, and are compatible with mass spectrometry. However, they are also much more expensive. We encourage the investigator to discuss these issues with the Staff to decide the best visualization method for your need.

Please avoid the use of non-ionic detergents such as Tween, Triton, IPEGAL, and NP-40. These detergents cause significant problems for LCMS and can damage chromatography columns.

The Proteomics Core Facility is located in the Clinical Science Research Building room 331. For further information please contact Jiri Adamec, (