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Dear Rheumatology Webpage Visitors,



Dr. Luis Espinoza, Department of Medicine, Section Chief of Rheumatology, passed away on Sunday, March 29, 2020.
Over a long and very distinguished career, Dr. Espinoza has been a researcher, advisor, role model, as well as a friend to Rheumatologists worldwide. Dr. Espinoza will be remembered for his kindness, gentle spirit and wisdom. He served his patients with the utmost care and concern and had a way of making those around him feel valued. Dr. Espinoza was a mentor for generations of fellows graduating from New Orleans, and for fellows sent to him from Latin America. 
Over the past 29 years, he served both the section and the department with dedication. He navigated Rheumatology through the devastating aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and was always a strong advocate for his section members. Dr. Espinoza’s legacy will be profound and long lasting. He will be deeply missed. 


Dr. Espinoza was recognized for his contributions in the field by the many awards and titles bestowed upon him. Below are some of the more recent awards.


2007: ACR Paulding Phelps Award
2008: Master of the American College of Rheumatology
2008: Master of PANLAR
2008: President of PANLAR
2009: Master of the American College of Physicians
2010-2011: Chair of ILAR
2014-2019: Editor-in-Chief: Clinical Rheumatology
2016: Anibal Ruiz Moreno Medal
2020: President of the upcoming 22nd PANLAR meeting, Miami