Research Facilities

The LSU Eye Center houses approximately 40,000 square feet of research space:

  •  21,000 square feet basic and clinical research space in the Lions Building
  • Two 2,500 eye research labs in neuroscience
  • Five laboratories and an animal operating room at the Mervin L. Trail Clinical Sciences Research Building adjacent to the Lions Building

The Lions Research Lab area intersperses individual investigators' laboratories among common rooms sharing the following equipment:

  • Light microscopes
  • Fluorescence and inverted microscopes
  • Scanning and transmission electron microscopes
  • Mass spectrometers
  • Confocal microscopes
  • Incubators
  • Ultracentrifuge
  • Biohazard level tissue culture hoods
  • Bacterial and viral incubators
  • Freezers

LSU Eye Center's computer network supports all research. This infrastructure provides switched gigabit bandwidth to all researchers and support staff. Fiber optic network connects the main building to the border router for Internet and Internet2 traffic.
Other state-of-the-art technology includes:

  • IBM p650 computational server for image processing, statistical analysis, and modeling; 
  • FakeSpace Immersadesk immersive display driven by a Sun Microsystems V880z visualization server for data visualization
  • Imaging cluster for real-time image/video processing.