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The LA-Beta Chapter of AΩA does its best to keep busy throughout the year.  In addition to hosting an annual visiting professorship and spring banquet, the Chapter encourages all LSUHSC students to participate in activities sponsored by the national office.  During the 2019-2020 academic year, the LA-Beta Chapter nominated 22 senior students, 9 junior students, 6 residents, 5 faculty members, and 3 alumni for AΩA membership.


Class of 2020:

Elizabeth Babin

Shannon Beermann

Monica Bravo

Jourdan Brown

Spencer Brown

Kelsey Casano*

William Davis

Joseph Ditrapani

Elise Doran*

Ashley Duhon*

Sophie Forniquet

Scott Gaignard

Reed Gioe

Mitchell Guedry

Richard Guidry*

Seth Guilbeau*

Adam Haydel*

Melanie Hotz*

Jack Jalenak

Patrick Johnson

Todd Lambert*

Adam Levin*

Mary Sauce Mayeaux*

Benjamin Melancon

Peter Morreale

Clairissa Mulloy

Joël Oubre

Paige Pocorello

Evan Powers

Ginny Russell

Brett Salomon

Tova Weiss

*nominated as a junior medical student


Class of 2021:

Christopher Bloise 

Morgan Brown 

Nicole Dominique 

George Jeha

Brekel Kemp 

Jenna Miller 

Ainsley Pratt 

Kia Sayers 

Allison Young


Resident Inductees:

Christen Harris, MD - Internal Medicine (New Orleans)

Daniel Fruge, MD  - Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 

Nisha Loganatharaj, MD - Gastroenterology 

Seth Vignes, MD - Internal Medicine (New Orleans)

Zachary Weilenman, MD - Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 

Martin Marak, MD - Internal Medicine (Baton Rouge)


Faculty Inductees:

Grace Athas, MD - Pathology 

Robert Azar, MD - Ophthalmology 

William Benton, MD - Internal Medicine (Baton Rouge)

Michael Dicharry, MD - Psychiatry 

Hugo St-Hilaire, MD, DDS - Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery


Alumni Inductees:

Robert Alexander Aitken, MD - Cardiothoracic Anesthesiology - Baton Rouge, LA 

Roderick V. Clark, MD - Nephrology - Lafayette, LA 

Lisa M. Jaubert, MD - Pain Medicine and Rehabilitation - Covington, LA 



To see what other chapters are doing around the country, please visit the national AΩA website.