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COVID 19 Grading: 

The Beta Chapter has always maintained transparency when inducting new members. This year, a few students from the Class of 2021 have joined the Class of 2022. Due to the pandemic, these students received P/F scores during Block 4 of their third-year clerkships. We wanted to make the scoring process as fair as possible for applicants in this position, especially because preclinical and clinical grades constitute 80% of our AOA grading formula. Because some clerkship coordinators had not recorded raw scores for students during this time, we were unable to convert the P/F courses into the H/HP/P/F grading system. Therefore, the current AOA membership decided to exclude the Block 4 grades for these students altogether. 

Moving forward, the executive board will discuss this matter further with clerkship directors/coordinators to collaboratively create a record-keeping system should any future events (i.e, hurricane, pandemic) lead clerkships to be converted to P/F. We hope this will ensure that future classes will not be affected by altered course grades outside of their control. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we navigate the current circumstances, and please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

The LA-Beta Chapter of AΩA does its best to keep busy throughout the year.  In addition to hosting an annual visiting professorship and spring banquet, the Chapter encourages all LSUHSC students to participate in activities sponsored by the national office. During the 2021-2022 academic year, the LA-Beta Chapter nominated nine juniors from the Class of 2022 for membership. 


Class of 2022:

Fallon Anzalone* 

Caroline Bonaventure

Anna Catinis* 

Cody Crnkovic

Elizabeth Dao

Chloe d'Aquin

Chandler Denison

Blane Edwards

Meredith Gioe

Joseph Goddu

Timothy Goyette

Kelsie Guice

Ellery Hayden* 

Annette Hebert

Kendall Holden

Jonathan Joseph

Ahmad Karkoutli*  

Josh Kirkorsky

Kelsey Lacourrege

Zachary Lerner**

James Mickler

Brett Montelaro* 

Raj Patel* 

Wil Perkins* 

Robert Quiring*

Katherine Robichaux 

Thomas Ruli

Emily Sauce

Bryant Song

Sydney Sudderth* 

Hayden Torres

Stephanie Trautmann

Joven Tristeza

John Valentino

John Waldron

Wayne Wortmann

Peter Yager


Class of 2023:

Kaylin Beiter*

Gregory Benes*

Nicolas Chanes*

Michael Dubic*

Megan Escott*

Shay LaPorte*

Olivia Leonovicz*

Casey Norlin*

Sarah Rimmer*

Jimmy Saravia*


Residents 2022

Hunter Hall, MD – Internal Medicine  

Alexander Hosse, MD – Internal Medicine 

Laura Hutchins, MD – Med/Peds  

Andrea Ito, MD – Med/Peds 

Peter Lowery, MD – Internal Medicine 


Faculty 2022

James Aiken, MD – Emergency Medicine 

Erin Capone, MD – Psychiatry 


Alumni 2022:

Elliott Black, MD (‘69) – Plastic Surgery – New Orleans, LA

Sheila Gottschalk, MD (‘69) – Pediatrics & Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine – New Orleans, LA

Terren Klein, MD (‘88) – Orthopedic Surgery – El Paso, TX

Samir Patel, MD (‘05) – Anesthesiology & Pain Management – Baton Rouge, LA



*inducted as a junior medical student

**inducted in the Class of 2021


To see what other chapters are doing around the country, please visit the national AΩA website.