Dr. Suresh Alahari was awarded 4th round of LIFT grant for the project entitled, “ A potential inhibitor of breast cancer”. The core innovation of this technology is a therapeutic cocktail for the treatment of breast cancer.  Dr. Alahari’s lab identified for the first time, the functional effect of two microRNAs, miR-27b and miR-23b, as novel regulators of tumor growth (Jin et al,  Cancer Research; May 1, 2013, Pages 2884-2896). Based on this key finding, his lab proposed the development and in vivo testing of an anti-cancer therapeutic cocktail composed of nucleotide-based compounds (antagomirs) that target these microRNAs. This funded proposal examines the effect of the novel antagomirs on breast tumor growth.

Dr. Suresh Alahari received the 2016 Outstanding Service to the Community Award for selfless acts that benefit the School of Medicine and those served by the School of Medicine.

Dr. Kim won the Outstanding Mentor Award presented by the LSU School of Medicine Faculty Assembly.

Minmin Luo was awarded travel to the Biophysical Society meeting in Los Angeles, California. The title of her abstract is, "Trapping the transition state of kinesin-5 produces a different multimotor force outcome than inhibiting product release”.

Congratulations to our students who presented posters and talks at Graduate Research Day 2015. This year’s top presenters were: 3 Minute Talks Minmin Luo and Jessica Richard!

Congratulations to Micquel Downs in Dr. Kim's lab. She was the first place winner for research excellence in the NSF REU program in basic sciences. Her research project showed that a quantum mechanical phenomenon, known as tunneling, is used in biological enzymes in the breakdown of ATP, the primary energy molecule in cells. Micquel is a rising sophomore at Tulane and a graduate of the Patrick Taylor High School in New Orleans. Dr. Fern Tsien's National Science Foundation grant provides 10-week research experiences to undergraduate students interested in a career in the biological sciences.Congrats to Dr. Desai's Summer Student, Sameer Nair-Desai from Ben Franklin High School. He was the 2nd place winner of the Summer Research Internship Poster Symposium.

Dr. Desai in the news.

Dr. Shyamal Desai , Associate Professor of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology at LSU Health Sciences Center New Orleans, is asking the public to help her help children with a rare inherited brain disorder that can confine them to a wheelchair by age 12 and take their lives a decade later. read more...

Three graduate students in the Kim lab presented their research on nanomotor kinesin proteins at the 58th annual Biophysical Society meeting in San Francisco, CA.  Over 7,000 scientists from around the world attended the meeting and there were 950 poster presentations daily.  Minmin Luo submitted her study on variations in anticancer drug targeting; Rebecca Buckley presented her work on biochemical interactions required a drug-binding loop; and Jessica Richard showed her computational analysis of allostery wiring diagrams. read more...

The LSU School of Medicine and LSU Health Sciences Center are pleased to announce the establishment of the Arthur L. Haas Endowed Lectureship. An anonymous donor made a $100,000 gift to fund this lectureship in honor of Dr. Haas’ illustrious career in research, mentoring, and academic leadership and to support higher education within the School’s membership and the New Orleans public.read more...