Community Connections

Community Connections

At LSU LCMC Health Cancer Center, we don’t just serve the Louisiana community — we are a part of it. Our people-based approach to cancer prevention and care allows us to work directly with communities with the greatest needs

While each patient’s journey is unique, our ability to reach specific geographic areas across Louisiana allows us to better understand each community’s needs, culture, and accessibility of cancer care. Through preventative screenings, clinical trials, groundbreaking research, and access to exceptional cancer care, we are dedicated to improving the lives of Louisiana residents and contributing to cancer research around the world. 

Our community connections and partnerships are central to these efforts. Their support through events, cancer screenings, donations, and other avenues makes it possible for us to improve cancer education, patient care, and research. 

Cancer Prevention

At LSU LCMC Health Cancer Center, we will fight to eliminate suffering and death in Louisiana by focusing on cancers that can be prevented or detected early and cured, specifically breast, cervical and HPV-related, colorectal, and lung and tobacco-related cancers. The Louisiana Cancer Prevention & Control Programs (LCP) is an umbrella organization for these efforts. Housed at LSU Health New Orleans’ School of Public Health, LCP works on a variety of efforts and receives additional support from funders and partners such as the American Cancer Society, the Louisiana Public Health Institute, the State of Louisiana, private companies, and people like you.

The Louisiana Campaign for Tobacco-Free Living (TFL) engages in local and state-wide tobacco control policy efforts focusing on tobacco prevention, eliminating secondhand smoke exposure, promoting cessation services, and identifying and eliminatining cancer and other tobacco-related disparaties.   


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