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Reducing the impact of cancer is central to our mission at LSU LCMC Health Cancer Center. Through clinical trials, our knowledgeable and experienced researchers have helped us discover new, more effective approaches to cancer prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. Research is an ongoing process that builds upon past discoveries. By focusing on the needs of current patients in Louisiana, our researchers directly impact patients both in our local communities and around the world.  

Clinical trials originate from a clinical trial sponsor or the needs of current patients at the LSU LCMC Health Cancer Center. Our team is dedicated to finding gaps in clinical trial offerings and filling them with appropriate trials to benefit our patients directly. 

The Clinical Trials Office supports researchers who wish to begin a clinical trial. From legal needs to feasibility assessments to budgeting, the CTO helps keep the process organized and efficient to get patients access to groundbreaking treatments as soon as possible. In certain cases, there may be the option to expedite the process when starting National Cancer Institute (NCI) clinical trials. 

The following resources provide information on funding opportunities for clinical trials: 

To enroll a patient in a clinical trial at LSU LCMC Health Cancer Center, we begin by confirming eligibility with a research nurse in the Clinical Trials Office. With this confirmation and the patient’s consent, you can sign up the patient for the clinical trial. 

Phase 1 clinical trials are a crucial aspect of cancer research. They’re the first phase that involves people, helping to determine a safe dosage of medication for patients. They’re also necessary to move through phases 2 and 3, attain FDA approval, and reach patients. Read more about Phase 1 Clinical Trials at LSU LCMC Health Cancer Center.

Current Clinical Trials

To search for a clinical trial, please visit:

Clinical Trial Collaboratives

LSU LCMC Health Cancer Center is an active participant in several cancer-based research groups that perform multi-site clinical trials, or clinical trial collaboratives. We use partnerships with community clinics and hospitals to provide patients across Louisiana with access to clinical trials close to home sponsored by the National Cancer Institute's Community Oncology Research Program (NCORP). 

NCORP consists of four leading healthcare and research groups in Louisiana: 

Clinical trial collaboratives provide access to trials close to home to patients who might not otherwise have been able to participate. This keeps patients close to family, work, and other important aspects of their lives as they engage in the clinical trial. 

Virtual Research Nurse Program

In order to reduce health disparities and bring care to patients across the state of Louisiana, our Virtual Research Nurse (VRN) Program connects trained nurses with physicians and clinicians regardless of their location using virtual communication. This helps oncology clinics in both urban and rural communities have access to clinical trials that might not have been available. 



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