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If you are one of the many people impacted by cancer, whether through a friend, family member, neighbor, or yourself, it can leave you feeling helpless. 

Volunteering is a way to contribute to cancer prevention and treatment by dedicating your time, expertise, and passion to helping others. It allows you to make real change and improve the lives of others. 

At LSU LCMC Health Cancer Center, we are honored to receive a portion of funds raised by Cancer Crusaders. Cancer Crusaders is a Louisiana organization committed to raising money that goes directly toward cancer research and cancer care for patients in our communities. 

Since 1976, Cancer Crusaders has raised over $5 million in funding for cancer research in Louisiana. 

Whether you know someone who has been diagnosed with cancer or you simply want to make a positive impact, volunteering with Cancer Crusaders allows you to improve the lives of Louisianians and cancer care everywhere. 

What is Cancer Crusaders? 

Founded in 1976, Cancer Crusaders is a non-profit, all-volunteer organization dedicated to funding cancer research in the New Orleans area. Since then, it has grown to over 600 members dedicated to defeating cancer. 

Cancer Crusaders has no administrative overhead and is not affiliated with any other organization. Because of this, all funds go directly toward cancer research in Louisiana through LSU LCMC Health Cancer Center and Tulane Cancer Center.

The mission of Cancer Crusaders is to advance cancer research in Louisiana. More specifically, funds support cancer research projects, training for emerging researchers, endowments for recruiting nationally recognized researchers, community education, and cancer early detection programs.

Cancer Crusaders fundraises at a variety of events, including golf tournaments, tennis tournaments, galas, and BINGO nights. There is also an annual Celebration of Life Luncheon to honor cancer survivors in Louisiana, which regularly brings in more than 700 people in support of these inspiring individuals.     

How Does Cancer Crusaders Work With LSU LCMC Health Cancer Center? 

Cancer Crusaders is a key partnership in helping LSU LCMC Health Cancer Center advance cancer research and improve the lives of Louisianians affected by cancer. 

This partnership is a two-way street. While Cancer Crusaders provides funds, LSU LCMC Health Cancer Center researchers are actively involved in Cancer Crusaders functions. They attend monthly meetings, give presentations on cancer research, participate in fundraisers, and hold annual tours of LSU LCMC Health Cancer Center facilities. 

By working with the doctors at LSU LCMC Health Cancer Center, you learn what they are working on, from research to clinical trials. It gives us the realization of how important our mission is and how wonderful it is to work with such a great cancer center that is doing so much good right here in our own city and state. 

-Kim Hasney, Co-President, Cancer Crusaders

Cancer Crusaders is an integral part of LSU LCMC Health Cancer Center’s goals, including its journey to NCI designation. This designation will highlight the extraordinary research, clinical trials, and patient care that take place in our institution. 

How Can I Get Involved with Cancer Crusaders? 

Volunteering is a great way to give back to the community and dedicate your time, skills, and passion to fighting cancer. If you’re interested in volunteering with Cancer Crusaders, visit their website to fill out an online application. If you have questions about volunteering or other aspects of the organization, contact Kim Hasney or Jackie Hughes. 



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