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LSU LCMC Health Cancer Center membership supports each member’s contribution to cancer research in the Louisiana area and globally. Membership provides access to extensive funding, collaborative opportunities, and ongoing support as you play an active role in improving the lives of those affected by cancer and reducing the impact of cancer around the globe. 

Membership is based on having a primary cancer focus, research excellence, and consistent participation in cancer center activities as expected of centers aspiring for NCI designation. 

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Benefits of Membership

Membership at LSU LCMC Health Cancer Center comes with numerous benefits, including access to funding, collaboration with the brightest minds in cancer research, and other avenues of support for your cancer research. 

Benefits include: 

  • Eligibility to compete for LSU LCMC Cancer Center pilot project funding
  • Marketing, communications, and public relations strategy support and promotion across the media spectrum for successful research initiatives, accomplishments, and publications 
  • Potential assistance with large multi-department and institutional grant submissions, such as P01 and P50, as resources permit
  • Priority access to limited-capacity LSU LCMC Cancer Center-sponsored retreats, lectures, seminars, and journal clubs
  • Collaborative opportunities to partner with members who can translate bench discoveries into clinical trials

Additional benefits are continuously being added with the development of the Cancer Center Administrative Core, Shared Resources, implementation of the LSU LCMC Health Cancer Center Scientific Advisory Council (SAC) recommendations, and feedback from members as formal membership in research programs and supporting activities evolve.

Responsibilities of Membership

LSU LCMC Health Cancer Center membership roles and responsibilities include participating, contributing, and supporting the following types of activities:

  • Research program meetings, LSU LCMC Health Cancer Center-sponsored retreats, and symposia
  • Relevant committees and working groups based on LSU LCMC Health Cancer Center priorities and scientific expertise
  • Clinical research oversight committees, including Disease Working Groups, Protocol Review and Monitoring Committee, Data, and Safety Monitoring Committee
  • Project initiatives and other activities within LSU LCMC Health Cancer Center to implement best research practices and enhance the center’s readiness for future submission of the NCI P30 Cancer Center Support Grant, which provides NCI designation when awarded
  • Pursuit of individual peer-reviewed research funding, mentorship of junior researchers, and enhancement of LSU LCMC Health Cancer Center research capabilities and scientific portfolio as measured through publication in high-impact journals
  • Acknowledgment of LSU LCMC Health Cancer Center support on publications and presentations

Criteria for Membership

LSU LCMC Health Cancer Center members will be basic, clinical/translational, and/or cancer prevention, control, and population science (CPCPS) investigators with evidence of active cancer-relevant research. All members must have a faculty appointment at Louisiana State University. 

The following membership criteria outline current expectations and eligibility for LSU LCMC Health Cancer Center Research and Associate Research Members.

Research Members

Research Members must be full-time faculty members with a commitment to cancer research and meet one of the following criteria:

  • Serves as PI, Co-PI, or Project Leader of cancer-relevant, peer-reviewed extramural research grants and/or team science investigator (i.e., radiology, pathology, biostatistician) who is typically listed as co-investigator with effort
  • Functions as a leader in cancer clinical research, such as one of the following:
    • PI of interventional cancer trial that is investigator-initiated and institutionally funded
    • PI of an industry-sponsored trial or institutional trial for which the member was a primary scientific contributor to the trial’s design, implementation, and monitoring
    • Site PI of a multi-site trial initiated by an investigator at another center
    • Holds national leadership position in NCI National Clinical Trials Network studies (National PI or Study Chair, PI on U10 grant, NCTN (or nationally recognized consortium)) Committee Chair
  • Holds a significant leadership role within LSU LCMC Cancer Center, including research program leaders, members of center advisory committees, and shared resource directors 
  • Expresses strong interest in cancer research and has dedicated faculty effort assigned to research, but does not yet have externally funded cancer-related grants, clinical trials, or publications 

New cancer-focused faculty recruitment or early career applicants must have research focused on a: 

  • Pathway towards acquiring sustained cancer-relevant, peer-reviewed extramural research grants, OR
  • Similar pathway for becoming a clinical research leader as defined above

New faculty or early career individuals are reviewed annually as Research Members over a 3-year period to ensure adequate progress toward sustained funding and scientific contribution.

Associate Research Members

Associate Research Members must be full-time faculty members and meet one of the following criteria:

  • Engages actively in the continuum of cancer care and survivorship
  • Plays a leadership role (e.g., physician leader) that is critical to the success of the Center
  • Contributes to cancer-relevant catchment issues (such as incidence, mortality, and cancer disparities) but does not have a cancer scientific research program focus and contributes to cancer programmatic efforts in other important, supportive ways

Applying for LSU LCMC Health Cancer Center Membership

Applications for LSU LCMC Health Cancer Center membership are accepted on a rolling basis and comprise the following:

Review Procedure

Administrative review:

  • Applications are reviewed by LSU LCMC Health Cancer Center administration, who will conduct an initial review for accuracy and completion. Administrative reviews will be conducted and approved by the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO).
  • Upon completed review by the CAO, applications will be sent to the LSU LCMC Health Cancer Center research program leaders for consideration.

Membership approval:

  • All applications will be reviewed by the LSU LCMC Health Cancer Center research program leaders based on recommendations by the CAO.
  • If approved for membership by the research program leaders, the application will be forwarded to the LSU LCMC Health Cancer Center Director for final vetting and approval.
  • If the Director gives final approval, the CAO will notify the applicant by letter indicating the approved membership level.

The applicant is responsible for reviewing all responsibilities and expectations for LSU LCMC Health Cancer Center membership. Written acceptance of membership must be received from the applicant and reviewed and archived by the LSU LCMC Health Cancer Center Administrative Core.

Research Members and Associate Research Members will be reviewed by LSU LCMC Health Cancer Center on an annual basis. 




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