2023 8:27:54 PM

Xi, Yaguang

Amgen Oncology Professor
Vice Chair for Research, Department of Genetics (08/2016-07/2023)
Associate Director for Translational Research, LSU-LCMC Cancer Center (02/2023-07/2023)

Email: yxi@lsuhsc.edu


MD (1996);
PhD (2003);
MBA (2012).


Dr. Xi was a Professor and Vice Chair for Research in the Department of Genetics and the Associate Director for Translational Research at the LSU-LCMC Cancer Center from August 2016 to July 2023. Before pursuing his PhD, Dr. Xi practiced as a general surgeon. His research focuses on cancer therapeutics, cancer chemoprevention, health disparities, metastasis, immunotherapy, and new drug development. He has received funding for his research projects through various grants, including NIH R01, P20, and R21, as well as the American Cancer Society Research Scholar Award and VA Merit Award.


Research Interests

1. Breast cancer and colorectal cancer
2. Targeted therapy and cancer chemoprevention
3. Preclinical animal models
4. Cancer immunotherapy (immune checkpoint inhibitors)
5. Health disparity studies in triple-negative breast cancer
6. Tumor microenvironment and exosomal microRNAs
7. Biomarkers of tumor metastasis

Selected Publications

  1. Bin Yi, Yu Xun, Hao Cheng, Qingzhao Yu, Augusto Ochoa, Adam Riker, Yaguang Xi*. 2021. Sulindac modulates the response of proficient MMR colorectal cancer to anti-PD-L1 immunotherapy. Molecular Cancer Therapeutics. 20(7):1295-1304.
  2. Hongyou Zhao, Bin Yi, Zhipin Liang, Ches’Nique Phillips, Hui-Yi Lin, Adam I. Riker, Yaguang Xi*. 2021. Cyclin G2, a novel target of sulindac to inhibit cell cycle progression in colorectal cancer. Genes and Diseases. 8 (3): 320-330.
  3. Xiaolin Liu, Ruixia Ma, Bin Yi, Adam Riker*, Yaguang Xi*. 2021. MicroRNAs are involved in the development and progression of gastric cancer. Acta Pharmacol Sin.42(7):1018-1026.
  4. Zhipin Liang, Zhiqiang Qin, Adam Riker, Yaguang Xi*.2020. CRISPR/Cas9 ablating viral microRNA promotes lytic reactivation of Kaposi's sarcoma-associated herpesvirus. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 533(4):1400-1405.
  5. Ruixia Ma, Bin Yi, Adam Riker*, Yaguang Xi*. 2020. Metformin and cancer immunity. Acta Pharmacol Sin. 41(11):1403-1409
  6. Zhipin Liang, Yaguang Xi*.2016. MicroRNAs mediate therapeutic and preventive effects of natural agents in breast cancer.  Chin J Nat Med. 14(12):881-887.
  7. Bin Yi, Hong Chang, Xiangling Feng, Ruixia Ma, Gary A. Piazza, Yaguang Xi*.2016. A novel sulindac derivative inhibits breast cancer motility through suppression of TGFβ/miR-21 signaling. Oncotargets. 7(7):7979-92.
  8. Hong Chang, Bin Yi, Ruixia Ma, Xiaoguo Zhang, Hongyou Zhao, Yaguang Xi*. 2016.  CRISPR/cas9, an innovative genomic tool to knock down microRNA in vitro and in vivo.Scientific Reports. 6:22312.
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  10. Xiangling Feng, Zhengming Wang, Rebecca Fillmore, Yaguang Xi*.2014. MiR-200, a new star microRNA in human cancer. Cancer Letters. 344(2):166-7
  11. Bin Yi, Gary A. Piazza, Xiulan Su, Yaguang Xi*. 2013. MicroRNA and Cancer Chemoprevention. Cancer Prev Res (Phila). 6(5):401-9.
  12. Bin Wang*, Shu-Guang Zhang, Xiao-Feng Wang, Ming Tan, Yaguang Xi*. 2012. Testing for Differentially-Expressed MicroRNAs with Errors-in-Variables Nonparametric Regression. PLoS One.7(5):e37537.
  13. Xiaobo Li, Junwu Zhang, Lin Gao, Steve McClellan, Michael A. Finan, Thomas W. Butler, Laurie B. Owen, Gary A. Piazza, Yaguang Xi*.2012. MiR-181 mediates cell differentiation by interrupting the Lin28 and let-7 feedback circuit. Cell Death & Differentiation. 19(3):378-386.
  14. Xiaobo Li, Lin Gao, Qinghua Cui, Bernard D. Gary, Donna Lynn Dyess, William Taylor, Lalita A. Shevde, Rajeev S. Samant, Windy Dean-Colomb, Gary A. Piazza, Yaguang Xi*.2012. Sulindac inhibits tumor cell invasion by suppressing NF-κB mediated transcription of microRNAs. Oncogene. 31(48):4979-86
  15. Lin Gao, YanhuiGao, Xiaobo Li, Paul Howell, Rajeev Kumar, Xiulan Su, Alexander V. Vlassov, Gary A. Piazza, Adam I. Riker, Dianjun Sun, Yaguang Xi*. 2012. Aquaporins mediate the chemoresistance of human melanoma cells to arsenite. Molecular Oncology.6(1):81-87

Additional Info

Membership in Professional Organizations:
2004-Present    American Association for Cancer Research (Active Member)
2012-Present    International Honor Society Beta Gamma Sigma (Lifetime Member)