Office of Medical Education

Continuing Medical Education

Mission Statement

The LSUSOM-NO Continuing Medical Education (CME) office provides high-quality, evidence-based, lifelong learning for physicians in the core competencies of the profession and their ongoing pursuit of excellence.

Core Purposes

This mission is supported further by the following core purposes:

  1. Support of efforts to improve competence in patient care, medical knowledge, practice-based learning and improvement, interpersonal and communication skills, professionalism and systems-based practice.
  2. Offer health profession education to positively impact the practice of healthcare, and ultimately, patient and health outcomes relevant to the citizens of the State of Louisiana.
  3. Provide educational opportunities to maintain clinical competency, professional standards and appropriate implementation of medical advances by blending modern technology and hands-on learning experiences in a patient-centered, quality-focused and safety-oriented environment.
  4. Collaborate with healthcare organizations to develop effective educational programs.
  5. Ensure CME certified activities are planned in full compliance with LSUSOM-NO, ACCME and AMA guidelines.

Content Areas

CME certified activities are developed based on specific needs of practitioners as identified by existing educational gaps related to current or potential scope of practice. Education areas include clinical practice, medical research, medical technology, clinical pathways, outcomes management, quality of care, managed care and other relevant subject areas where educational gaps are identified for health professionals regarding the provision of health care to the community.

Target Audience

The primary target audience for all CME activities is physicians and other healthcare professionals practicing in the LSU Health System, LSU affiliated hospitals and communities within the State of Louisiana. Physicians and healthcare professionals from outside Louisiana are also welcome.

Types of Activities

CME activities include live conferences featuring symposia, seminars, and lectures, regularly-scheduled series, patient simulatin, CME for teaching, quality and performance improvementand bio skills workshops. Other formats such as distance learning courses and enduring materials are also offered.

Expected Results of the Program

The CME office is committed to evaluating all of its activities using appropriate methods and rigorous program evaluationappropriate to the specific educational activities, targeting both process and outcomes (e.g., learner reaction, learning, intention for change, change in competence or performance, and patient outcomes.) Further, the results of program evaluation are used for continuous development and improvement of LSUSOM-NO CME activities and programs.