UME Welcomes 201 First-Year Students to Campus, New Second-Year Curriculum Implemented

IMAG1049The Office of Undergraduate Medical Education welcomed 201 first-year students, who started classes on August 8.  This year’s entering class is the second class welcomed under the renewed curriculum.  Throughout the fall semester, first year students will be fully immersed in Gross and Developmental Anatomy, Biochemistry, and Clinical Skills Integration 101.

The renewed second year curriculum was implemented on July 25, when second year students started Fall classes.  Under the new curriculum, the discipline based courses of pathology, clinical pathology, microbiology, and pharmacology were fully integrated into organ system courses that reinforce the clinical context of all instruction.  Second-year students began the fall semester with Foundations of Disease and Therapy, which concludes on August 19.  Students will spend the remainder of the fall semester in Clinical Skills Integration 201 (formerly Science and Practice of Medicine 200) and the following organ system courses:  Disease and Therapy of the Hematologic System, Neurologic-psychiatric Systems, Musculo-skeletal & Dermatologic Systems, and Cardiovascular System.