EQuIP Welcomes UMCNO Quality Improvement (QI) and Patient Safety (PS) Liaison Donna Blady, BSN, RN, PI Analyst

UMCNO’s new patient improvement (PI) analyst, Donna Blady, RN, PI, brings more than 20 years’ experience to her position in UMCNO’s quality department.  Her background includes clinical and leadership roles in ambulatory and hospital care and professional liability.  The addition of Ms. Blady will improve the collaboration between UMCNO and LSU School of Medicine as she serves as our point of contact for the Enhancing Quality Improvement for Patients (EQuIP) program, and coordinates educational activities focused on QI, PS, and PI.

Ms. Blady plans to optimize committee meeting communication, attendance and participation and to use her Risk Assessment (RA) background to identify and distribute UMCNO’s annual QI/PS/PI priorities.  She will collaborate with Leigh Peters, EQuIP Coordinator, to communicate and align these clinical and institutional goals.  They plan to promote continued communication between the Office of Medical Education (OME) and UMCNO’s Quality Department.  Their shared goals are to distribute newly identified QI/PS/PI projects to both schools of medicine, as well as the clinical site, and to ensure maximum faculty, staff and house officer participation.  Donna joins the EQuIP committee meetings, beginning with the upcoming Operations and Steering committees. Please join us in welcoming Ms. Blady to the multi-institutional QI team at LSU School of Medicine’s OME and UMCNO.