LCME Accreditation Site Visit (November 12-15, 2017)

Preparations for the LCME Site Visit are ramping up!  The Student Self-Study committee has finalized its report (Independent Student Analysis) and we have been busy addressing many of their recommendations.  We will keep the students updated on our progress, and the student committee will prepare a follow-up survey to be conducted in April.  We will incorporate the results of the follow-up survey into our report to the LCME.

The Self-Study Task Force (including subcommittee chairs) met on February 7th.  Most of the subcommittees have a first draft of the LCME database (DCI).  This is pretty amazing given that we still have 6 months before we have to submit the final documents.  The subcommittees will spend the next few months finishing the DCI, gathering documents for the appendix, and writing a short summary report.  We have asked that the subcommittees submit their reports by May 19th, so we will have the summer to edit and combine them into a single summary report.

All materials (the DCI, the Appendix to the DCI, the Self Study Summary Report, the Independent Student Analysis, the student survey data, and AAMC Graduation Questionnaire data) are due in mid-August.  After submission to the LCME, we will have 3 months to prepare for the site visit scheduled for  November 12-15.  This will probably include a mock site visit in October.  Many faculty, staff, and students have been working hard on these preparations and we owe them our thanks.