LCME Accreditation Update

After nearly two years of work, all of the self-study documents were submitted to the LCME on August 18th.  This included a 360 page database (DCI), a 2000 page appendix, and a 35 page summary report.  It also included an extensive student self-study that started in 2015 and is a real exercise in continuous quality improvement.  Over 250 people deserve our thanks for their efforts: 155 faculty, 60 medical students, 16 residents, 9 non-faculty staff, 3 non-faculty alumni, and 8 representatives from our clinical partners.  An enormous amount of work resulted in an excellent self-study.

Now comes the challenge of preparing for the site visit itself.  The 5-member site visit team will be here on November 12- 15 and will meet with the Dean, the Dean’s staff, department heads, course and clerkship directors, faculty, students, residents and hospital leaders.  Two members of the team will spend a half-day at the campus in Baton Rouge.  We will post the self-study on a website for faculty and meet with various groups to prepare for the site visit.  There will be a mock site visit on October 8 – 10 to fine tune our preparations.  Again, thanks to all who are working on the school’s accreditation.