Our Current Graduate Students

GraduateWebsiteGraduate students in the Department of Physiology are trained to become independent thinkers and highly successful collaborative scientists.  With our team-based mentoring approach, many of our students successfully earn their own prestigious fellowships as well as travel awards to present their work at major national and international conferences where they can interact with other top scientists and explore future job prospects. Our students are highly competitive for the next stage of their careers because our faculty are committed to delivering top-notch training and highly personalized mentoring and networking opportunities.

Katherine (Katie) A. Adler, MAT

Degree: BA University of California, Berkeley MAT University of Southern California
Mentor: Liz Simon, MVSc, PhD
Focus: The effects of alcohol on skeletal muscle stem cell differentiation in
SIV-infected rhesus macaques
Status: MS Student
E-mail: kadler@lsuhsc.edu


Krystal Courtney D. Belmonte, B.S.

Degree: BS, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Mentor: Jeffrey Gidday, Ph.D.
Focus: Transgenerational epigenetics in neuroprotection
Status: PhD Student
E-mail: kbelmo@lsuhsc.edu 


Jessica A. Cucinello, B.A.

Degree: BA, University of Mississippi
Mentor: Scott Edwards, Ph.D.
Focus: Neurobiological sex differences in pain and drug addiction
Status: PhD Student
E-mail: jcucin@lsuhsc.edu



Jarrod C. Harman, B.S.

Degree: BS, Biology/Chemistry, Marshall University
Mentor: Jeffrey Gidday, Ph.D.
Focus: Proteomic & lipidomic analysis to determine the
neuroprotective components of retinal resilience against ischemic injury.
Status: Research Associate-Ophthalmology,
MS Student-Physiology
E-mail: jharma@lsuhsc.edu



Matthew Herrera, B.S.

Degree: BS, Biological Engineering, LSU
Mentor: Flavia Souza-Smith, Ph.D.
Focus: Alcohol-induced disruption of lymphatic system physiology
Status: MS Student
E-mail: mherr3@lsuhsc.edu

M. Adrienne McGinn, B.S.

Degree: BS, University of New Orleans
Mentor: Scott Edwards, Ph.D.
Focus: Role of neuronal stress signaling in chronic pain and drug addiction
Status: PhD Student & F31 NRSA Fellow
E-mail: mmcgin@lsuhsc.edu
Adrienne McGinn CV


Van Ninh, B.S.

Degree: BS, Louisiana State University
Mentor: Jason Gardner, Ph.D.
Focus: Effects of lysyl oxidase on cardiac fibrosis
Status: PhD Student
E-mail: vninh@lsuhsc.edu
Van Ninh CV


Jonquil M. Poret, B.S.

Degree: B.S., Xavier University of Louisiana
Mentor: Patricia Molina, M.D., Ph.D.
Focus: Susceptibility to develop Diet-Induced Obesity and Insulin Resistance
Status: Master's Student




Zachary Stielper, B.S.

Degree: BS, Centenary College of Louisiana, Shreveport, LA
Mentors: Nick Gilpin, Ph.D. & Patricia Molina, M.D., Ph.D.
Focus: Endocannabinoid mechanism in TBI-induced escalation of drinking
Status: PhD Student (MD/PhD Program) & F30 NRSA Fellow
E-mail: zstiel@lsuhsc.edu











Taylor Templeton, B.S.

Degree: BS, Biopsychology from University of California, Santa Barbara
Mentor: Nicholas Gilpin, Ph.D.
Focus: Neurobiology of traumatic stress-induced alcohol drinking
Status: PhD Student
E-mail: ttemp2@lsuhsc.edu





Recent Graduates







Elia El Hajj, M.S.2016%204:06:47%20PM

Degree: BS, Loyola University of New Orleans
MS, Biomedical Sciences, LSUHSC
Mentor: Jason Gardner, Ph.D.
Focus: The effect of lysyl oxidase inhibition on volume overload-induced
ECM remodeling, angiogenesis and apoptosis.
Status: PhD Student & F31 NRSA Fellow
E-mail: eelhaj@lsuhsc.edu


Darryl A. Gaudet Jr., B.S.

Degree: B.S. Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge
Mentor: Stefany Primeaux, Ph.D.
Focus: Fat taste receptors and reward pathways affected by binge eating behavior
Status: Masters student




Allyson Schreiber, B.S.

Degree: BS, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge
Mentor: Nicholas Gilpin, Ph.D.
Research: Prefrontal Cortex Stress Peptides in Traumatic Stress and Alcohol Drinking
Status: M.D./Ph.D. Graduate Student, Department of Physiology
E-mail: aschre@lsuhsc.edu



Alicia N. Ray-Botello, M.S., M.P.H.

Degree: BA, Maryville College 2010
MPH, LSUHSC-NO School of Public Health 2014
Mentor: Nicholas Gilpin, Ph.D.
Research: Neuroendocrine signaling in context of acute stress-induced alcohol craving
Status: Masters Student
Current Status: Neuroscience PhD Program at Tulane University


P. Domonique Smith. M.S.

Degree: BS, Northwestern State University of Louisiana
Mentor: Robert Siggins, Ph.D.
Research: Role of chronic alcohol drinking on DNA methylation
Status: Masters Student
Status: Medical Student at Ross University


Rod I. Paulsen, M.S.

Degree: B.S., New York University
Mentor: Scott Edwards, Ph.D.
Research: Prefrontal Cortex neuroadaptations in the context of pain and drug addiction
Status: Masters Student
E-mail: rpauls@lsuhsc.edu
Status: Medical Student at LSUHSC-New Orleans



Stephen Ford, Ph.D.

Degree: Ph.D. 2017 LSUHSC Physiology
Mentor: Liz Simon, Ph.D.
Focus:The effects of chronic alcohol exposure on muscle wasting and insulin resistance in SIV-infected Rhesus macaques.
Status:3rd year Medical Student
Status: Medical Student at LSUHSC-New Orleans


John Maxi, Ph.D.

Degree: Ph.D. 2017 LSUHSC Physiology
Mentor: Patricia Molina, M.D., Ph.D.​
Focus: Interaction of alcohol & cannabinoids on neuroinflammation in Rhesus macaques; Acute alcohol effect on TBI outcomes
Status: Graduate student
Status: Senior Consultant at Experis/Manpower


Jacques Mayeux, Ph.D.

Degree: PhD, LSUHSC - NO Physiology
Mentor: Patricia Molina, M.D., Ph.D.
Research: Neurobehavioral Mechanisms Underlying Escalated Alcohol Drinking Following Traumatic Brain Injury
Status: Ph.D. 2016; Industry Post-Doctoral Researcher
Status: Scientist at Avanos Health

JPMayeux 2016

Alan Mouton, Ph.D.

Degree: Ph.D. 2017 LSUHSC Physiology
Mentor: Jason D. Gardner, Ph.D.
Focus: Mechanisms of Alcohol-Induced Cardiac Fibrosis
Status: Graduate student
Status: Postdoctoral Fellow at UMC-Jackson



Travis Doggett, Ph.D.
Degree: PhD
Mentor: Jerome Breslin, Ph.D.
Research: Molecular Mechanisms Involved in Acute Alcohol Intoxication-Induced Microvascular Hyperpermeability
Status: Postdoctoral Fellow



Xu Sophie Teng, Ph.D.
Degree: PhD LSUHSC - NO Physiology
Mentor: Patricia E Molina, M.D. , Ph.D.
Research: Traumatic Brain Injury and Alcohol: Neuropathological Mechanisms of Impaired Recovery
Status: Resident at Baylor University

Sophie 2013


Jessica Bradley, Ph.D.
Degree: PhD LSUHSC - NO Physiology
Mentor: Jason D. Gardner, Ph.D.
Research: The effects of particulate matter inhalation on ventricular remodeling and dysfunction in response to cardiac injury.
Current Status: Assistant Professor of Physiology at University of Incarnate Word School of Osteopathic Medicine 




Kristine Kurtz, Ph.D.
Degree: PhD LSUHSC - NO Physiology
Mentor: Jerome Breslin, Ph.D.
Research: Evaluating the signaling mechanisms responsible for the tonic and phasic contractions of collecting lymphatic vessels.
Status: Ph.D. 2013 
Medical Liaison - Growth Hormone Disorders, Field Medical Affairs - BioPharmaceuticals for Novo Nordisk




Annie M. Whitaker, Ph.D.
Degree: PhD LSUHSC - NO Physiology
Mentors: Patricia E. Molina, M.D., Ph.D.
Research:Alcohol and Shock: Mechanisms of Impaired Vasopressin Release ​
Status: Ph.D. 2011
Teaching High School Biology  at St Scholastica High School



John Nicholas Melvan, M.D., Ph.D.
Degree: PhD LSUHSC - NO Physiology

Mentors: Ping Zhang, M.D. /Ph.D. and Gregory Bagby, Ph.D.
Research: Acute alcohol suppression of granulopoiesis
Status: M.D., Ph.D.  Department of Surgery Emory Medical; Residency in Cardiothoracic Surgery   L4 resident




Jesse Sulzer, M.D., Ph.D.
Degree: PhD LSUHSC - NO Physiology
Mentor: Patricia Molina M.D., Ph.D.
Research: Alternative resuscitation strategies for the intoxicated trauma victim
Status: M.D./Ph.D. L4 resident, Department of Surgery, LSUHSC