School of Medicine

Department of Physiology

Current Trainees


Predoctoral Trainees


Eden Gallegos, BS

Degree: BS, Louisiana State University
Mentor: Liz Simon, MVSc, PhD
Focus: Mitochondrial mechanisms of alcohol-mediated hepatic lipid accumulation in the context of a high fat, high sucrose diet
Status: MD/PhD Student

Postdoctoral Trainees


alejandra close up

Alejandra Jacotte Simancas, PhD 

Degree: PhD, Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona, Spain
Advisor: Patricia Molina, MD, PhD and Nicholas Gilpin, PhD
Research: Traumatic brain injury and alcohol use


Sydney Vita, PhD

Degree: PhD, University of Mississippi Medical Center
Advisors: Nicholas Gilpin, PhD and Patricia Molina, MD, PhD
Research: Binge alcohol and traumatic brain injury effects of the adolescent brain

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Xavier Chapa-Dubocq, PhD

Degree: PhD, University of Puerto Rico: Medical Sciences Center
Patrica Molina, MD, PhD
Examining the Interplay between Alcohol Metabolism and Recovery from Post-Concussion Syndrome

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