School of Medicine

Office of Student Affairs


The academic community of the School of Medicine is committed to maintaining an environment of open and honest intellectual inquiry. Both faculty, residents, and students have the right to enjoy an educational environment characterized by the highest standards of ethical professional conduct. The individuals who comprise the LSUHSC campus come from many different cultural backgrounds. Discriminatory comments or actions relative to gender, sexual orientation, racial origin, creed, age, physical or mental status can interfere with an individual's performance and create an intimidating, hostile, and offensive educational and work environment. Individuals who manifest such unprofessional behavior in any of these areas are disruptive and in violation of the School of Medicine's Code of Professional Conduct and of LSU Medical Center Policy. Report of such conduct will be reviewed by the Council on Professional Conduct according to the "Rules of Procedure" set forth in the Code .

The students, residents, and faculty share the responsibility, to themselves and to their colleagues, to protect their individual rights and those of the academic community as a whole. To this end, and to ensure the rights of due process to members of the academic community, the students, residents, and faculty of the School of Medicine have adopted this Code of Professional Conduct . This Code governs questions of professional conduct, including but not limited to, dishonest, disruptive, discriminatory, and illegal activities. Penalty for such misconduct could lead to dismissal from the LSU School of Medicine.

Questions of academic grievances are addressed through procedures established specifically for that purpose.

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